The Lord Mayor of Nottingham


The Lord Mayor is the first citizen of Nottingham and is elected in May at the Annual Council Meeting

The Lord Mayor of Nottingham  is Councillor Michael Edwards.

Background of the Lord Mayor

Michael has lived in Nottingham since 1983 and was elected in 1993 as a Labour party member to Nottinghamshire County Council and as a City Councillor in 1998 and during this time held responsibility for finance, sustainability and transport.

He currently represents the Meadows, the (original) City centre and Castle Marina. Previously he has represented Mapperley Hill, Mapperley Park, the Wells, Thorneywood and East Sherwood and has served on many Committees including Planning, the Tram development board and Enviroenergy.

He has also been the Chair of the local secondary school for 12 years and at a Welfare Advice Group for 2.

Michael worked for British Rail as a programmer, a system designer and project manager; has been a staff representative at work and a member of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, where he played football for Real Madrid, sorry Rail Madrid. He studied physics at Birmingham University, and was then unemployed for 16 months.

He has run a blog for many years on news and political views, and during his Civic year he will be writing up the historical stories of Nottingham. Also during his year he will be supporting the Women’s Refuge, In Bloom and the Meadows Friends of Libraries

Michael was born in Hanwoodbank (near Shrewsbury) the son of Eddie, a locomotive engineer and Aud, a post office counter clerk. His father was a Rural District Councillor and Chair of the Parish Council.

Michael still supports Shrewsbury Town Football Club.

  • To act as the a-political figurehead of the City Council; champion of the city of Nottingham and its people and symbolise the social cohesion of the city and its many cultures and faiths
  • To help promote the diplomatic, business, commercial, cultural and educational life of the city of Nottingham

Key Tasks

  • Preside over the meetings of the Council (full Council) as prescribed in the Local Government Act 1972, schedule 12, paragraph 5
  • Receive members of the Royal Family and other important visitors to the city
  • To act as a symbolic figurehead for Core City activity and host visits by Lord Mayors, councillors and officers from those cities
  • Represent the City Council at traditional civic events such as the Legal Service, Remembrance Sunday the Civic Service etc
  • To host Civic Receptions in the Council House, these are held on a regular basis to celebrate the contribution of individuals and organisations to the life of the city of Nottingham
  • Represent the City Council by attending external functions, which celebrate the contribution of organisations from all sectors to the life of the city of Nottingham
  • To preside over Citizenship ceremonies to welcome new British citizens to the city of Nottingham
  • Take salutes of military and voluntary organisations that either have the right to, or request the right to, march through the city
  • To be the president of the Interfaith Council and visit places of worship for a range of faiths throughout the civic year
  • To nominate a charity and help raise funds for that charity and the standing Lord Mayor's charities
  • Quasi-judicial role of Lord Mayor to sign documents

The Lord Mayor's Chaplain

The post of Lord Mayor's Chaplain is an honorary one, and as such is unpaid. The Chaplain's duties are to give spiritual guidance to the Lord Mayor and support on civic occasions.

The Lord Mayor’s Chaplain is Bishop James Stapleton of the Open Christian Fellowship.

For more information please contact the Civic Office on 0115 876 5654 or email civic.office@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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