How to do business with Nottingham City Council

There are a range of methods that we use for buying services, works and products. The method used will depend on the type of service, work or product being purchased, the length of the contract and its value.

For the majority of contracts above £10,000, Nottingham City Council uses an online procurement portal to advertise contracting opportunities; www.eastmidstenders.org. It’s quick, easy and free to register, and is an excellent way of being kept informed about council tenders.

Benefits include:

  • Quick registration
  • Automatic alerts when new contracts arise
  • Free to use with online help, guidance and technical support line
  • Opportunities and information accessible anywhere

Public money pays for the services, works and products that we purchase therefore; each procurement process aims to achieve value for money, fairness and transparency. It is a requirement of the regulations for contracting authorities to publicise procurement documents electronically.

Local Businesses

Local businesses offer a valuable contribution to the community and the development of the City.  We encourage local suppliers to register on the Procurement Portal and take advantage of the opportunities available to provide the Council with the services, works and products required.

Open Contracting Opportunities

We have several lists of approved Providers that deliver services for the Council, new Providers are able to join the list at any time. To access the relevant documents and submit an application please click one of the links below:

External Frameworks

We also award contracts via external frameworks that have been established by the following organisations, please click the links below for more information:

Category Management

The Council has created a category management approach towards procurement with the aim of increasing the economic, social and environmental benefits for Nottingham City. The key aims of the Procurement service are to:

  • Deliver value for money contracts
  • Support innovation within the supplier market
  • Stimulate economic growth
  • Ensure quality services for citizens in Nottingham

As a result, the purchases we make are category managed under the following groups:


Commissioned Care, Support, Health, Community and Education Services


Construction, highways and major projects


Corporate and Professional Services, Transport and Environment

For more information about how we manage our categories you can access a detailed breakdown

Procurement Resources

  • The Nottingham City Council Procurement Strategy 2018 to 2023 sets out for the supplier market and other stakeholders the strategic aims of the Council that are to be taken forward through our procurement activity over the next five years. It outlines how procurement will use the Council’s spending power to drive our key strategic objectives of citizens at the heart; securing economic, social and environmental benefits and commercial efficiency and can be accessed here: Nottingham City Council Procurement Strategy 2018-2023

  • To view our opportunities on our Procurement Plans and view awarded contracts to on our Contracts Register, please access the Open Data Nottingham page here: Open Data Nottingham

  • We advertise all opportunities and outcomes above the OJEU threshold on Tenders Electronic Daily and all opportunities above £25,000 on Contracts Finder, this provides a good overview of possible contracting and subcontracting opportunities
  • Our contractors are expected to work in line with our relevant corporate standards, for more information please view the appropriate pages below:
  • For more information about our initiatives under the Public Services Social Value Act, please refer to the Nottingham City Council Business Charter
  • The Nottingham Jobs Hub offers support to suppliers wishing to recruit new staff, develop their workforce and grow their business, more information and contact details can be found on the Nottingham Jobs Hub Page. We also encourage suppliers to engage with relevant local social enterprises as part of their supply chain

For further information, or to get in touch with the Procurement team please email: procurement@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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