Gender Pay Gap 2017 report

Nottingham City Council has published a Gender Pay Gap report as part of the requirements of  the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

The Gender Pay Gap is the difference between the average earnings of men and women expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. It is not the same as equal pay, i.e. the difference between men and women who perform the same or similar roles.

Gender Pay Gap 2017 report summary

This report is a snapshot of pay from 31 March 2017, when the gender split at the council was 39% male and 61% female. The report states that the gender pay gap for Nottingham City Council at this time was 4.2% mean average and 2.6% median average. This means on average, for every pound a male colleague earned, a female colleague earned 96 pence.  The council has an above average number of female colleagues working at the lowest quartile of the pay scale and an above average number of male colleagues working at the highest quartile of the pay scale. Males earned more than females by a large enough margin to raise the mean hourly rate.

The council has already implemented measures which will narrow this gap, such as introducing new pay, terms and conditions, which has reduced pay points in the structure to ensure colleagues move to the top of their grade within two years of employment. There are a number of family friendly policies available for colleagues to take advantage of, including childcare vouchers and the flexible working framework. Training and development programmes around unconscious bias and recruitment procedures are in place to ensure our opportunities and processes are fair.

The council is now looking at improving workforce planning to encourage increasing the numbers of women in senior roles, along with further development of existing coaching and mentoring schemes.

Cllr Toby Neal, Portfolio Holder for Community and Customer Services, said: “We fully support gender pay reporting as it provides transparency on pay and encourages employers to act faster to close the gap. We already have polices in place and will look at other ways to close that gap. We need to ensure everyone who works for us has the same opportunities to progress in their career.”

“Nottingham City Council is committed to the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment for our employees. Our workforce is the greatest asset we have for improving the lives of Nottingham people and it’s our aim to ensure that all employees have the skills, tools and confidence to do their jobs well.”

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