InSmart is a three year, European funded project which involves four European Cities working in partnership towards a sustainable energy future.

The project started in December 2013 and will last for three years. The InSMART project brings together cities, scientific and industrial organizations in order to develop and implement a comprehensive model for enhancing sustainable planning. 

The cities involved are Nottingham, Evora in Portugal, Cesena in Italy and Trikala in Greece.

The primary objective of the InSmart project is to develop sustainable energy action plans for each partner city. A mix of sustainable energy measures to improve the energy efficiency of each partner city will be identified through the use of specialised tools and models. Each City's energy system will be analysed and this will cover the following relevant sectors:

  • Energy consumption of residential sector
  • Fuel consumption from transport
  • Energy consumption of water pumping stations
  • Analysis of energy used in waste collection and treatment processes
  • Energy consumption for municipal urban spaces
  • Street lighting
  • District heating networks

For more information please go to the project website.

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