Learning Centres (Pupil Referral Units)

Learning Centres, often called Pupil Referral Units, provide continued education for vulnerable children and young people aged 5 to 19 who are not in mainstream education settings for a range of reasons including exclusion, teenage pregnancy, medical and mental health needs, etc

There are four Learning Centres (Pupil Referral Units) in Nottingham City. Each provides a different type of service which covers the whole of the City. From September 2013, in-line with government reforms, the Learning Centres will be maintained by the City Council but governed by their Management Committee (like a Governing Body in a maintained school).

The four Learning Centres are:


The Denewood Learning Centre provides continued education for Key Stages 2 and 3 pupils, who live within the City of Nottingham and have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school or academy.

The Learning Centre aims to provide an environment that is settled and caring but challenging, in which pupils can re-engage with education and with their peers. The longer-term intention is to re-integrate pupils into mainstream education wherever feasible.

The Centre also offers short-term intervention places which can be accessed by schools or academies for pupils at risk of exclusion.

For further information telephone 0115 915 1271 or email admin@dlc.nottingham.sch.uk


Unity Learning Centre provides full time personalised alternative education to KS4 young people who have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school or academy. The longer-term aim is to support progression of these young people into post 16 education, employment or training.

In addition to the teaching and learning which takes place at the Centre, a significant amount of provision is delivered off site by a range of commissioned providers which include colleges, voluntary sector and community providers.

For further information telephone 0115 915 1266 or email unity.learningcentre@nottinghamcity.gov.uk


Beckhampton Learning Centre provides education and support to pregnant girls and young mothers of school age in a safe and secure environment. Individualised timetables aim to raise achievement and attendance, and enable students to continue with their formal education whilst being supported with social, health and welfare issues. 

The Centre also aims to raise aspirations, confidence and self-esteem, and promotes positive parenting and healthier lifestyles. 

There is a nursery on-site which caters for the babies of the students at the Centre.

For further information contact 0115 915 7653 or email admin@beckhampton.nottingham.sch.uk, or visit our website at www.beckhampton.nottingham.sch.uk.

Hospital and Home Education

This Learning Centre caters for pupils who have a medical condition that prevents them attending their own school. There are four groups of learners, with the following conditions:

  • mental health issues, such as an eating disorder, that requires specialist inpatient or day-patient care
  • an illness that needs general hospital admission, which could be on a regular long-term basis, such as for dialysis treatment or cystic fibrosis, or a routine admission for surgical or medical treatment
  • an illness that prevents attendance at school but does not require admission to hospital
  • acute anxiety leading to school refusal

The Learning Centre has two sites:

  • Thorneywood Education Base - children and young people attend the education base following their admission to the Health Trust's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). For further information email hhe.learningcentre@nottinghamcity.gov.uk, or call 0115 915 3862

(Thorneywood's own website is currently under re-development; check back here in September for the new address)

The Home Education Service is run from the Thorneywood Base. This element of the Learning Centre provides educational support for children and young people who are temporarily unable to attend their own school due to medical reasons. For further information email homeeducation.learningcentre@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

Please note - this is not the same as Elective Home Education, which is when a parent or carer decides to educate a child at home.

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