Contact Environmental Health and Safer Places Team

Nuisances Caused by Commercial, Industrial or Licensed Premises or Construction Sites

Service requests, enquiries, comments and complaints about the following issues can be sent to the Environmental Health and Safer Places Team using the form on this page

  • Unreasonable noise from a commercial, industrial or licensed premises or a construction site
  • Unreasonable noise emitted from equipment in the street
  • Smoke emitted from a commercial, industrial or licensed premises or a construction site
  • Dust, steam, smell or other effluvia arising on industrial, trade or business premises
  • Nuisance artificial light (e.g. domestic or commercial security lighting, but not street lighting or reflected sunlight)
  • General enquiries about air quality including enquires about environmental permitting, smoke control areas (smoke from chimneys) and the Local Air Quality Management process
  • General enquiries about land quality issues particularly in relation to the planning process and the redevelopment of land

Alternatively you can contact the Environmental Health and Safer Places Team about any of the above issues on 0115 915 2020.

Domestic Noise and Domestic Smoke Nuisances and Fly-Tipped Rubbish

Please do not use this form to report problems related to domestic noise, domestic smoke nuisance from bonfires and fly-tipped rubbish to colleagues in Community Protection.

Please go to the Noise Pollution page and the section entitled 'Make a complaint about a Domestic Neighbour'.


Enquiries and complaints alleging statutory nuisances will usually be responded to within 5 working days or sooner.

However, please be aware that the process of investigating a complaint alleging a statutory nuisance, through to resolving the complaint, may take from a few days to several weeks and in cases where legal action has to be taken, significantly longer.

Please note that we are generally unable to deal with anonymous reports and complaints alleging statutory nuisances.

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