Problems in a private rented home?

Problems in your private rented home?

It is your legal right that your rented home should be safe and secure, warm and well lit. That means your property should have working heating and lighting, smoke alarms, locking and secure doors and windows. 

Additionally, your landlord must:

  • secure your deposit in an authorised tenancy deposit scheme
  • maintain your property and ensure gas and electrical appliances are working safely and safety certificates are up to date
  • give you notice if they intend to visit the property (except in an emergency)
  • go through the correct legal procedures if they want to evict you

If you are having serious problems with your private rental accommodation or a rogue landlord, or you suspect that a neighbour, friend or relative is living in an unsafe property in Nottingham, Nottingham City Council can help. 

Call or report a problem to our Safer Housing team online

  • Call: 0115 915 2020 option 3


Additionally, the majority of private rented homes in Nottingham are covered by additional schemes such as:

  • Additional licensing for HMOs , which covers the majority of houses of multiple occupation in Nottingham, where a group of adults who are not related live together, such as a student household. This scheme protects tenants by granting them extra rights, and makes rogue HMO landlords liable for penalties of up to £30,000 
  • Selective licensing which covers the majority of privately rented properties in Nottingham where one family, couple or single person lives. This scheme protects tenants by granting them extra rights, and if their landlord does not have a licence, they are eligible to apply for rent refunds


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