Running Your Own Private Market

Important information 

If you want to organise a market in Nottingham, you may need a licence. To help you decide whether you need a license, please read the page below or download the information booklet at the bottom of the page.

If you are wishing to hold a car boot sale or specialist market (antiques fair, record fair, etc.) for commercial or personal gain:

  • Apply for the Commercial rate, £4.50 per unit let with a minimum payment of £90.00

If you're a registered charity, sporting, political, social group or school wishing to hold an event, if:

  • A charge will be made for space, and
  • Your group receives the proceeds of those charges?

You should apply for the Charity rate, £30.00 per event per day*
(*Please note that if 50 or more sellers attend then it becomes a commercial event)

You do not need a licence if you are a charity, sporting, political, social group or school wishing to hold an event, if:

  • Stalls are staffed by volunteers
  • No charge will be made for space

You would not need a licence if you wish to hold a jumble sale where:

  • There is only one seller e.g. a jumble sale for church funds
  • All proceeds from the sale of goods will go to the organiser

(Please note that if 4 or more outside traders are brought in as well then the Charity rate would apply)

Legal Information

Nottingham City Council is the owner of Market Rights granted by Royal Charter and also under the 1984 Food Act. Any person or organisation wishing to operate a rival market within 6⅔ miles of one of the council's markets may only do so with the council's agreement. A licence can be issued which will waive the council's right to take legal action for that event.

The Council can seek legal protection from any violation of those rights; i.e. any rival markets. This protection extends to 6⅔ miles from any City Council run market including the Sunday Colwick car boot sale, and so extends beyond the Council's local government boundary.

The licence only relates to the Council's market rights. The organiser must obtain any other consents and permissions needed, whether statutory or private.

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