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Current consultations

If you need any further help to access this information please call us on 0115 876 3342/0115 8764871 or email engage@nottinghamcity.gov.uk  

Nottingham Citizens Survey

The annual Citizens Survey gathers citizens' perceptions on a variety of subjects including quality of life, health and wellbeing, community cohesion, feelings about Nottingham and satisfaction with the Council.

2,000 Nottingham citizens are randomly selected from across the City to undertake a 20 minute door step interview.  Please note you cannot opt into this survey; every city resident has an equal chance of being selected.

The findings from the 2015 survey will be available early in 2016 on the Nottingham Insight website.

The findings from the 2014 survey are available here.

Start Date: 1st October 2015

End Date: 30th November 2015

Have your say on reporting non-payment of Council Tax to Credit Reference Agencies

Proposed scheme

In order to encourage more citizens to pay their Council Tax, the Council is thinking about reporting the non-payment of Council Tax to Credit Reference Agencies. The Agencies would then include this information on an individual's credit report.


Approximately £8 million of Council Tax is currently not collected within the year which costs Nottingham City Council more money to chase and collect. This non-payment impacts on the services which the Council can provide for its citizens.

Individuals may not pay their Council Tax for a variety of reasons. Council Tax is classed as a priority debt which means that non-payment can threaten serious legal action. Currently non-payment of Council Tax is not reflected on an individual's credit report. This means that some people may prioritise paying lower priority debts rather than Council Tax.

Support for citizens experiencing financial difficulty

In the case of non-payment due to financial difficulty the Council will attempt to make a reasonable agreement wherever possible, based on an individual's circumstances. The team will also signpost citizens for independent debt advice.

Press Release

Have your say on Credit File Reporting

Start Date: 2nd November 2015

End Date: 30th November 2015

Have your say on plans to improve Nottingham Schools

We need the views of everyone involved in education (e.g. Headteachers, teachers, support staff, school governors, parents, children etc) to help us shape our work to improve schools in Nottingham.

The Education Improvement Board (EIB) has a ten-year plan to improve schools in Nottingham and is now consulting with head teachers, teachers, governors, parents and the wider public on the proposals.

The EIB believes the first three priorities should be:

  1. Teacher retention and recruitment.
  2. Mathematics as a driver for improved outcomes.
  3. Transition from primary to secondary schools.

Everyone involved in a child's education has the responsibility to ensure they have the best chance to achieve and access the opportunities around them locally, nationally and globally.

The consultation will run throughout November.  To see the plans and fill out the quick survey, visit www.nottinghamschools.org

Start Date: 2nd November 2015

End Date: 30th November 2015

Your City Your Services

We've reached a critical point for the Council's finances.

By next year, the amount of Government grant funding we get for our day-to-day spending will have more than halved since 2013 according to our latest estimates. That's a reduction of nearly £70 million.

Our funding has been reduced sharply in previous years but next year our budget challenge is even harder and deeper.

And while the Government pays less in grant towards council services, we are seeing the demand for some of our most vital services such as child protection and care for the elderly continue to grow.

Every year, we ask for your views.  To find out more and have your say click here

Pregnant Teenagers and Teenage Parents Consultation

Nottingham City Council are currently reviewing arrangements for services to Nottingham City pregnant teenagers and teenage parents.

It is proposed to close the Beckhampton Centre Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) on 30 June 2016. Public consultation was approved on 22 September 2015 by the Portfolio Holder for Schools.

No decisions have been made at this stage, as it is an open consultation process. The outcome of the consultation is intended to provide members of Nottingham City Council's Executive Board with the information that they need to decide whether or not to take this proposal further. The report to members of Nottingham City Council's Executive Board will include all consultation responses.

For more information and to have your say

Start Date: 6th November 2015

End Date: 4th December 2015

Happier Healthier Lives: Have Your Say

We want to hear your views on how to make Nottingham a happier and healthier place to live.

The Nottingham City Health and Wellbeing Board want to hear about what is important to you and how we can all work together to make Nottingham a happier and healthier city. Your views will help inform the next Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Click here to find out about upcoming Citizens Engagement events

City Planning Customer Satisfaction 

City Planning are always trying to ensure that services meet our customer needs.  If you have previously commented on a planning application please . and tell us what you thought about our service.

Have Your Say on City Planning

This service satisfaction survey is on-going

Environmental Health and Trading Standards Customer Satisfaction

Nottingham City Council is committed to providing quality services.  We need to know your views as a customer about the service you have received from us and whether we are meeting your needs.  All the information received will be classed as confidential and is for monitoring purposes only.

Have your say on Environmental Health and Trading Standards

This service satisfaction survey is ongoing.

 Transport Consultations

To give us your feedback on the current transport consultations the City Council is undertaking on a range of projects and proposals.

Have Your Say on Current Transport Consultations

There are various transport consultations and they are ongoing

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