There are many services available to support children and families. Our 'one stop shop' means you can access all of them using just one telephone number, email address or fax number.

Our call handlers will answer your call and ensure that you are connected to the service you need.

By making it simple to access our services Nottingham City Council can help provide the right support, at the right time, to meet the needs of Nottingham families.

Children and Families Direct is operational Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:50 pm.

Outside of these hours, the telephone number should be used for emergency safeguarding enquiries only.

To find out more, visit the Nottingham Children's Partnership website.

Making a referral or a request for services

To make either a safeguarding referral or a request for services to Nottingham City Council Children's Services please complete the Multi-Agency Request for Services Form (MARF). Please find a copy of the template below.  Once completed sending by secure email to candfdirect@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

For support and guidance on completing the MARF please refer to the MARF practice guidance and the completed hypothetical case examples of a safeguarding referral and a request for support services.