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Find out how lockdown is easing, as services and public spaces reopen safely in a phased way in Nottingham.
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Coronavirus Information about Schools in Nottingham City

Nottingham schools are now reopening to a larger number of pupils for the remainder of the summer term (June/July 2020).

Schools run by the council through the Nottingham Schools Trust are prioritising children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 at this stage.

School head teachers are in contact with their parents and carers to explain how this will work in June and July.

Thank you to our schools and our parents and carers

This has not been an easy time. Our schools have remained open to the children of key workers and children with additional needs throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

At the same time, our parents and carers have prevented the spread of the virus by keeping children at home and supporting with distance learning where possible.

We owe everyone a huge amount of thanks for coping during this pandemic.

Please remember: our city’s schools will continue to be open for the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils.

Our position on Covid-19

The council has been cautious about the opening of our schools to more pupils. We waited until 15 June to be certain that some key conditions were in place:

  • Nottingham has seen a sustained fall in the number of cases of Covid-19 which significantly lowers the risk of children and adults contracting the virus in a school setting
  • The capacity for testing children and adults in Nottingham has increased. This is an important development in supporting schools to gradually increase pupil numbers
  • Scientific evidence from the independent SAGE committee pointed to the potential fall in the infection rate by waiting a further two weeks from the proposed original date of schools reopening on 1 June

Key principles for staying safe

Social distancing is being maintained in our schools. This includes:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Staggered arrival and collection times
  • Using outdoor space
  • Separate lunch and break times
  • Creating one-way corridors
  • Increased cleaning of the building and handwashing

Schools are bringing pupils back in small ‘bubbles’ that minimise contact with wider numbers of children. Pupils remain in these bubbles for lessons, lunch and breaks.

By ensuring children and staff mix only in a small, consistent group and stay away from others, contact will be reduced and so will the risk of transmission.

Handwashing remains one of the best precautions, while regular deep cleans of schools are taking place.

A full range of frequently asked questions about safety in schools can be found here.

Your rights as a parent/carer

The council would also like to make clear that if parents choose to keep their children at home, you will not be fined for non-attendance. We recognise that the decision at this time rests with parents/carers based upon their judgment.

Free school meals

Children who receive free school meals who continue to go to school will receive their meal as usual.

For those children who must stay at home, but who would normally receive free school meals, Nottingham City Council has worked with several major supermarket chains to operate a voucher or gift card scheme.

If your child is in receipt of means-tested Free School Meals, your school will issue you with a £20 voucher or gift card for food and groceries every 2 weeks it is closed due to the Coronavirus.

This scheme is coordinated by Nottingham City Council; however, each school will be responsible for communicating any specific arrangements to you.

Click here for more details about Meal Vouchers.