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School Transport

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Student Travel 

There are now two Robin Hood smart cards for under 19 travel, both allowing good value travel on all buses and trams within Greater Nottingham.

The Robin Hood pay-as-you-go smart card stores electronic money and charges the cheapest daily fare for any travel made, whether it’s on one operator or several operators. 

The Robin Hood Season smart card allows unlimited travel on all bus and tram operators for a set cost per month (£45 or £37 by Direct Debit) or for a whole academic year (£263).

Each type of smart card is available from the Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre, where proof of age is required. Each can be then be topped up at our network of machines at key bus stops across Nottingham. Full details can be found on

Travel to Primary School In Nottingham
Transport policy for children in Nottingham, your choices and useful links.

Travel to Secondary school in Nottingham
You are probably thinking about which school you would prefer your child to attend. Please take a moment to consider the journey to and from school, which will affect them for the next five to seven years.

Children with Special Transport Needs
If you are the parent or carer of a child with special educational needs who has an identified special transport need, you may qualify for assistance with the cost of transporting your child to and from school.

Post 16 Transport in Nottingham
Students attending Sixth Form Schools or Further Education Colleges are generally not entitled to any assistance with transport.