Adult Courses: Living with Teenagers

12 Mar 10am to 12pm Nottingham Central Library
Rebuild your confidence in being a parent or carer, looking at some of the issues you might face


Living with Teenagers is a course that supports parents and enables them to add and develop their skills to be the best parent they can be when faced with challenges as teen years approach and develop. This course will support and help develop existing skills and develop confidence for challenging times ahead.In this fun and interactive five-part course you will be introduced to skills and ideas to help rebuild your confidence in being a parent or carer, and look at some of the common issues you may face.This course will support and help develop existing skills and develop confidence for challenging times ahead. Session run by Relate. 

This course affirms our parenting skills and helps us as parents to build up a set of additional skills to use when faced with the challenges our teenagers present.

It is a course all about positive relationships and communication which enables any relationship to develop and thrive. Attendees will be able to share their own skills and best practice as well as learning skills around the following - parenting styles, active listening and communication, managing conflict, boundaries and negotiation, managing stress and self-support.

Ky details:

  • Dates: Weekly from 12 March - 9 April. You will need to attend a drop in enrolment event with the tutor on 27 February between 10am-12pm
  • Sessions: Thursdays, 10am to 12pm at Nottingham Central Library
  • No. of Sessions: 5
  • Cost: FREE* eligibility criteria apply

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