Apply for unauthorized building work

Apply for regularisation

The Regularisation Application procedure allows the Council to formally consider, as appropriate, works carried out and completed without the submission of a Full Plans or Building Notice application. This is also referred to as unauthorised work.

The purpose of the Regularisation application is to ensure that the works are compliant with the Building Regulations that were in operation at the time the unauthorised work was carried out. A Regularisation form must be submitted to the Building Control Service by the person who is legally responsible for the works.

The completed application must detail:

  • A description of the unauthorised work or works to include a current plan, existing plan and a specification for some types of works that have been done
  • The date these works were undertaken
  • The use of the building

Once a Regularisation Application has been received, Building Control Services will arrange to survey the work. The Building Control Officer will assess compliance of the work with Building Regulations and advise of any necessary remedial work that needs to be carried out in order for a certificate to be issued.

Make a Regularisation Application

To make a Payment

A facility to enable on-line payments will be available shortly.

In the meantime payments can be made by credit card/debit card at the time you make the application either by calling building control on 0115 876 447 or by calling into the councils offices.

Regularisation Pack

Please download the regularisation pack

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