Book a Site Inspection

Call Building Control

To book an inspection please have your Building Control application number ready and call Building Control on 0115 876 4447 or you may call your building control officer directly on the number stated on your acknowledgement letter.

Alteration and installations

  • We need to inspect your work at least two working days before you cover up any elements or fittings and within five working days of all work finishing
  • To guarantee an inspection, this must be booked before 4.30pm the day before you would like your inspection. Please note if you do not book the inspection prior to 4.30pm we cannot guarantee a next day inspection

Substantial building work

  • You, or your builder, must tell us at the start, at the end and at various stages of the build. This may include:
  • Excavation of foundations prior to concreting
  • Laying reinforcement before concreting (in a foundation, ground beams or a slab)
  • Building over the damp-proof course
  • Ground floor slab base (oversite) before concreting
  • Laying drains and new drainage connections prior to covering over (backfilling)
  • Drains test after backfilling
  • Installation of structural members (floor joists, roof structure, steel beams, etc.)
  • Thermal insulation before covering with plasterboard
  • If the new area has been occupied (if before completion)

For these stages, you must let us know at least two full working day before the work starts, and on all completion of work.

If you have already started work and you have not told us about this, you will have to apply for ‘regularisation’. We can sometimes give approval for work that started in the past but there is a charge.

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