Planning and Pre-application Advice

Pre-application advice, and other planning advice services we offer.

Pre-application Advice

We offer an efficient, friendly and professional advice service when planning permission is necessary, which can be tailored to your needs. We can offer advice on planning policy, design (including our Design Review Panel) and highways. If you are using our Building Control Service, we can advise on the Building Regulations alongside planning advice to ensure that both processes run smoothly.

Before submitting a planning application you or your agent are advised to contact us for a free of charge informal chat to discuss your requirements. We will advise whether or not you should seek further pre-application advice and whether a meeting would be useful.

Pre-application discussions will help assist in the preparation of proposals and should help the process to run more smoothly reducing the potential for refusal or delay when submitting planning applications.

This is a service for which we now charge. Fees will be charged for all pre application requests received on or after 1 September 2015. The revised charges are proportionate to the scale of the development and cover the cost of providing the service.

How to get Pre-application Advice

Enquiries for pre application advice should be submitted on a pre-application enquiry form and submitted to development.management@nottinghamcity.gov.uk together with the relevant fee and necessary supporting documents.

Advice will be set out in writing, including a record of advice given in pre-application meetings.

We will aim to get a response to you within 15 working days. More complex schemes may take longer, we will let you know the estimated time for a response and will keep you informed. However, if your development is subject to any important deadlines please let us know as we may be able to accommodate.

We will try to ensure that any advice we give is robust. However, the advice we provide cannot commit the Council to a particular decision on any formal application for planning permission.

Paying the Fee

The easiest and quickest way to pay the fee is to telephone 0115 8764447 and pay by debit or credit card.

If you are unable to pay by debit/credit card we can accept cheques. However this will take time to process and may delay the time in which we are able to respond. Please make cheques payable to Nottingham City Council.

A copy of our Pre-application advice charging structure can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you can't find the answer to your enquiry on our website, please email us at development.control@nottinghamcity.gov.uk with your requirements.

Other Advice Services

Transport Information and Advice for Developers

Our Highways Development Control team work with applicants to ensure that development sites can be accessed by all modes of transport in a manner that does not detrimentally impact upon the highway network. It is our responsibility to make a recommendation to the Local Planning Authority (LPA), which may include the provision of planning conditions / obligations for which the applicant will be responsible for implementing and funding.


Please contact Highways Development Control on 0115 8765263 or 0115 8765252 for further advice.

Urban Design

Our in house urban design team can offer professional advice on the design of your proposal to assist in its preparation and during the planning application process.

This can involve producing conceptual layouts and design principles for residential, commercial or environmental improvement proposals for all scales of development. The Urban Design team offers advice on heritage assets and works to trees.

We also have our own Design Review Panel, who can expertly and independently review your scheme. For further information please email development.control@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Environmental Health and Public Protection

The Environmental Health and Safer Places team is able to provide advice and information on a range of environmental issues that will identify and minimise risks and constraints and assist a developer reduce the time it takes to go from an initial idea to the completed development.

Further information can be found on our Pre-Application Advice - Charges for Environmental/Public Health Protection Issues or you can email us on pollution.control@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Transport Strategy and Policies

Nottingham is one of the leading cities in the UK for supporting sustainable transport. Engaging in pre application discussions with the Transport Strategy team will help you gain a clear understanding of local transport guidance and policies. For more information please contact transport.strategy@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Royal Town Planning Institute

If you are looking for alternative sources of planning advice, an online directory of planning consultants is available on the Royal Town Planning Institute website at http://www.rtpiconsultants.co.uk/

Planning Aid England

Planning Aid England offers planning advice and support to individuals and communities- visit their website at http://www.rtpi.org.uk/planning-aid/

Planning Portal

The governments online Planning Portal provides interactive guides and information about the planning system.

Archaeological Remains

The City Archaeologist is able to provide advice regarding proposed developments which may impact upon archaeological remains. Advice can be given about known archaeology (including caves) and the potential for unknown archaeological remains within a site. The City Archaeologist recommends early contact to discuss an application in order that applicants can be made aware, at an early stage, of archaeological work that may be required in advance of and/or during development works.

The City Archaeologist can be contacted by email at: UAD@nottinghamcity.gov.uk


Pre-application advice charging structure

Pre-application enquiry form

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