Highway Support for Developers

Specific transport advice, guidance and useful information available to developers in Nottingham.

Travel Planning Guidance for Developers

  • Workplace Travel Plan - Travel planning help for local developers wishing to expand or build new workplaces
  • School travel plans - In the case of the schools wishing to expand, relocate or those who are part of Building Schools for the Future, it will usually be a condition for planning permission that the school has a travel plan

Highways Services

Our design and build section has worked on a large array of quality contracts and improvements. You can employ us directly to undertake a variety of functions including, highway civil engineering, structural drainage and traffic signal design, traffic and pedestrian management, data collection and project management. Highways are also able to act as a liaison source contacting statutory undertakers and other organisations on your behalf

A key benefit is the ability to provide a construction delivery service, including the supervision of works and the construction of multi-disciplinary highway schemes.

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Highway Development Control

Planning Applications

Highway Development Control ensures that new developments do not have a detrimental impact on Nottingham City's highway network. The Local Planning Authority (LPA) has the power to refuse/accept development proposals/applications. It is the Highway Authority's role to assess whether a development will have a detrimental impact on traffic and road safety.

When considering a planning application or development proposal, there are generally three options or recommendations available to the Highway Authority; offering no objections to proposals, request planning conditions to be put in place and request refusal of the planning application.

Statutory Agreements

Many approved planning applications are subject to conditions and/or legal agreements such as the agreement to contribute to local facilities, an agreement between the developer and the council for any works to be conducted on the Highway or agreement to cover the cost of developments whereby a new highways is to be created. Developers are advised to discuss these issues with the Council's Highway Development Control section at an early stage to avoid delays at the formal planning stage.

For further information please contact Highways Development Control on 0115 876 5231.


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