Report an Abandoned or Burnt Out Vehicle

Abandoned Vehicles

Usually abandoned vehicles are vehicles that have been in the same location without being driven for sometime. However, if a vehicle is untaxed this does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is abandoned. Nottingham City Council have devolved powers to enforce untaxed vehicles; you can report untaxed vehicles online .

It is a criminal offence to abandon a motor vehicle or anything that has formed part of a motor vehicle on any land in the open air or on any other land forming part of a highway. The maximum penalty on conviction is a fine of up to £2500 and/or imprisonment for up to three months. Alternatively our officers can issue a £200 fixed penalty notice.

If a vehicle is on private land (i.e. a private car park or driveway etc) the landowner(s) will need to provide us with written confirmation that the vehicle has been parked on their land without their permission and that they would like us to investigate and arrange its removal.

If you are not the landowner please pass on details of the vehicle to the landowner(s) and ask them to contact us.

What happens once I have reported the vehicle?

During the working week we aim to follow up each report within 24 hours with an inspection by our Removals Officer.

The inspection will be supported by DVLA database checks. During the inspection the officer will take photographs of the vehicle for evidence to either prove or disprove that the vehicle is abandoned.

Once we are satisfied that a vehicle is abandoned the legislation allows us to act as follows, depending on where the vehicle has been left, its physical condition and circumstances.

Vehicles abandoned on a road

Vehicles abandoned on a road may be removed without any notice. This includes a road any part of a public highway, including verges, and any private or service road to which the public have access.

  • Vehicles considered to be fit only for destruction may be destroyed immediately without notice
  • Vehicles without both current tax and registration plates may also be destroyed immediately without notice
  • Vehicles not fit for destruction and with either registration plates or current tax disc displayed will be held in storage while a 7 day notice is issued to the vehicles last registered keeper
  • Vehicles left in the Council's custody after the expiry of a 7 day notice may be destroyed immediately without further notice

Vehicles abandoned on private land

Vehicles abandoned on private land(e.g. private car parks and forecourts etc) require a 15 day notice to be placed on the land concerned. Once removed no further notice need to be issued before disposal.

  • Any vehicle specified by the landowner(s) may be removed as soon as the occupier gives their permission and on expiry of the notice. The council cannot remove a vehicle where the occupier objects to its removal
  • The council is not required to remove a vehicle where the cost of doing so to the nearest carriageway location would be unreasonably high. In such cases the council may request that the occupier contribute towards the cost of removal

In all cases if our officer after the inspection does not deem the vehicle to be abandoned then no further action will be taken.

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