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Pledge & Plant Seed planting

01 Aug All day Nottingham
Try planting some bee friendly herb seeds and make a pledge with Nottingham Seed Sovereignty!

We’ve distributed over 280 packets of bee friendly herb seeds across the city with our new Carbon Neutral 2028 logo on, each with hundreds of seeds in. They’ve gone to Cllrs, community groups and individuals so we can kickstart the month with lots of planting. If you're quick you can find some in Sneinton Market or Shop Zero this morning!

So if you have some of our bee-friendly herb seeds or some of your own seeds today, please get planting! If you don’t, we have a specially made infographic about where you can find seeds in Nottingham, so you can #PlanToPlant. 

Most importantly, we hope you will PLEDGE to join the 28 day challenge. There are so many exciting things to do from all different organisations and people in Nottingham 

Please post that you are pledging so other people can see and have the chance to join in too, using the hashtags #28for28 and #PlantAndPledge. 

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