Contacting Licensing/Taxi Licensing | CONTACT: The Taxi and General Licensing Department currently are not accepting and monitoring phone calls or voicemail messages. For General Licensing queries relating Licensing Act 2003, Gambling Act 2005 and Regulatory and Miscellaneous Provisions please contact For Taxi Licensing related enquiries please contact Please avoid duplicating your emails, your email will be responded to as soon as possible. PAYMENTS: As of 1st April 2023 the Licensing Authority will not be accepting cheques as a form of payment. If the application is made online by the .GOV application service then the payment shall be made at that time. Should you make an application by email or post then you must provide a relevant contact number in order for payment to be taken over the phone.

The pending applications shall be listed yet may not be readily available to view. If you cannot gain access to the application, please contact for a copy. 


Licensing Notices

Notice of Current Applications made under the Licensing Act 2003

(Please note that if the notice is not yet displayed it shall be in the process of approval to be displayed. All notices are displayed within the timeframes specified in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003)

Please contact to view full licensing applications.

Licensed Premises Register

Please see the excel document below for a list of Licensed premises in the City of Nottingham. A licensed premise is a premises that has been granted a licence under the Licensing Act 2003 to enable licensable activities to take place. Such activities include the sale of alcohol, the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment.

This is a list of premises with a licence. The licence premise list will contain all licences that remain a live asset, as long as the annual fees are paid. Subsequently, there will be entries on this list that have a live licence but are not currently open and operating. Additionally unless lease holders inform the Licensing Authority of a name change to the venue this is not changed. As a result some premises will have historic names attached to them.

This list does not form Nottingham City's statutory register of licensed premises, which we chose to do in hard copy format. The hard copy register is available for inspection. Should you wish to see copies of premise licences you would need to make an appointment to come into the office to view these by contacting the Licensing Office on 9156571 or

There will always be some differences between the statutory hard copy register and the online register as the online register is not live.

In October 2014 this data was updated to meet the requirements of the Local Authority Incentive Scheme schema for the Licensed Premises dataset.

Licensed Premises Register


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