Accreditation for Landlords

The Nottingham Standard has been developed by us to promote a good standard for private rented accommodation in the city.
In return, landlords will be accredited on the scheme and receive training and support.
It doesn’t replace the current accreditation schemes (Unipol Student Homes and DASH Landlord Accreditation). Instead, it incorporates them under one standard certification mark.
Landlords already accredited through those schemes can use the Nottingham Standard accreditation mark immediately. New landlords can apply to either DASH or Unipol.

What needs doing to get accredited?

  1. Make an online application to DASH Landlord Accreditation Unipol Student Homes
  2. Sign a code of conduct
  3. Be assessed as a 'fit and proper' person
  4. Complete online training
  5. Have at least one property checked for health and safety 

Landlords renting only to students apply through Unipol

Other landlords apply through DASH

High standards of living for tenants 

Licensing a property means that the licence holder is deemed fit and proper by the City Council to hold a licence. This regulation offers protection to tenants from rogue landlords.

The City Council and Safer Housing team encourage tenants to report their landlord if they’re refusing to undertake repairs or have acted unlawfully, such as attempted to do an illegal eviction.

Licensing allows the City Council to apply conditions relating to the management, use, occupation of the house concerned, and its condition and contents. These can drive up standards that wouldn’t normally come about as a result of market forces.

The Nottingham Standard means landlords must provide high-quality accommodation for both students and renters. There are guidelines for the Nottingham Standard accreditation mark, to make sure that it is used correctly so when you see the Nottingham Standard mark, you know you can rent with confidence.

Students can work with Unipol to ascertain their accommodation is of a high standard. To find a property covered visit the Unipol website.

DASH Landlord Accreditation Services

Linda Cobb
Telephone: 0133 264 0324

Unipol Student Homes, Nottingham

Matt Allison
Telephone: 0115 934 5020 

Once accreditation is done landlords are given the Nottingham Standard mark which can be used to promote their services.

If you need more information give the team a call on

Benefits of accreditation

  • Training, advice, support and guidance from Unipol and DASH
  • Free inclusion on an accredited landlord register, searchable by prospective tenants
  • Discounted membership of Landlords National Property Group and East Midlands Property owners
  • Financial support and help packages from our teams when landlords house people in housing need
  • Landlords who already have Nottingham Standard accreditation may still be able to get a discount on each property they rent, so the licence fee can be significantly reduced.

Searching for accreditation as a tenant

A property search allows tenants to check if a property is registered to an accredited landlord. We’ll continue to promote awareness of our scheme with tenants. 

‘Accreditation’ and ‘Property Licensing’

Accreditation is a voluntary scheme that works alongside licensing to promote high standards in rented accommodation. Most rented homes in Nottingham have to be licenced to be rented.
To qualify for the discounted fee, a landlord must be registered with Dash or Unipol as accredited before submitting their licence application.

Already a Member of an Accreditation Scheme

If you are already a member of the DASH or Unipol schemes then you don't need to do anything. You can automatically be included in the Nottingham Standard.

Managing and Letting Agents

We are planning to create a scheme for managing and letting agents in the near future.

Tenants and accreditation

The Council’s Housing Aid service already provides tenant accreditation Dash services are hoping to provide a tenant accreditation service in the near future.

A Good Practice Standards Guide for supported housing providers

Nottingham City Council has developed a “Good Practice Standards Guide” to assist organizations providing supported housing in Nottingham.
This Guide has been devised for organisations specialising in providing supported housing accommodation. It has been produced in response to many enquiries received about good practice standards.
The guide aims to assist, inform and signpost to further useful resources and covers some of the following topics:
  • Core Values
  • Citizen Focus
  • Support
  • Accommodation
  • Safeguarding
  • Useful Links

To access the Good Practice Standards Guide please click here.
If you require further information please contact: