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Over the past 5 years, we have been developing a strong, evidence based practice model, which is supported by recognised tools and programmes.

Our practice model is Strengths-Based (using Signs of Safety), Whole Family, Restorative approaches and Trauma informed approaches.

Heart Diagram

We have six simple principles that underpin our services:


  1. Ensure the right children get the right support at the right time - We want to ensure issues are identified and addressed at the earliest opportunity. Our response will be proportionate and solution-focused.
  1. Create a responsive and flexible system - We want to ensure that children and their families experience a system that does not stop and start but is simple and streamlined.
  1. Help families help themselves - We want to build resilience in families, not dependence.
  1. Work in partnership with children and their families - We will listen to the views of children and their families. To address challenges we will work to build on a family’s strengths.
  1. Focus resources on what will make a positive difference - We will work more smartly, ensuring

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