Nottingham City Council are seeking applications for grant funding to deliver Government’s new UK Shared Prosperity Fund programme Multiply.  All relevant Call documentation and instructions on how to apply are detailed below.

Stakeholders are invited to attend the ‘Multiply Nottingham Technical Assistance Workshop’, taking place on:

Multiply Nottingham will upskill adults aged 19+ to improve their ability to understand and use maths in daily life, home, and work whether that be improving household finances, helping children with homework, making more sense of the facts in the media, or improving numeracy skills specific to a line of work.

To meet this challenge successful grant applications will need to demonstrate that numeracy activities are original, engaging, fit around people’s lives and are tailored to individual needs with delivery taking place in the community or workplace. Activities will need to demonstrate that they support progression towards accredited learning and/or improved employment opportunities.

Piloting new approaches and innovative ideas for improving adult numeracy skills will be a key part of the projects to be funded.

Funding available

The Department for Education, with funding through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, has agreed an indicative allocation of £1.8m to upskill and improve adult numeracy skills in Nottingham.

Multiply Nottingham has developed the programme into three strands. The number of grants available and the allocations per strand are as follows:

Strand Number of grants Grant allocation/    organisation.  Circa.
Multiply in the Community 4 £150,000
Multiply for Work 2 £285,000
Multiply Engagement and Numeracy Champions 1 £400,000

Grant allocations cover the period 1st October 2022 until 31st March 2025. 

Please Note: At the time of publication, grant funding allocations are indicative and subject to change and/or approval at the discretion of the Department for Education (DfE) and/or Nottingham City Council (NCC).

In the first instance grant funding will be awarded to successful organisations for the period October 2022 to March 2023. Funding for subsequent years i.e. Year 2 (April 2023-March 2024); Year 3 (April 2024-March 2025), will be subject to Nottingham City Council receiving the indicative grant award from the Department for Education.

Each strand includes mandatory interventions that must be delivered to meet the requirements of the grant. When completing the application form, applicants will need to confirm which Strand(s) they are applying for. Mandatory interventions for each strand can be found in Multiply Nottingham Invitation to Bid, which it is recommended to read before starting work on a bid.


Bids are welcome from legally constituted organisations, including private sector organisations and registered charities.  

The purpose of the grant is to support the Government’s Multiply programme and deliver targeted interventions that support improvements in adult (19+) numeracy up to and including Level 2 provision, as set out in the Multiply Investment Prospectus for England

Funding must only be used to deliver Multiply interventions agreed with local areas in accordance with approved investment plans.

Interventions funded through Multiply must not displace, replace and / or duplicate any existing adult numeracy provision, such as activity funded through the existing Adult Education Budget statutory entitlement for maths qualifications.

How to apply

Please read the Department for Education guidance Multiply Investment Prospectus for England  and Multiply Nottingham Invitation to Bid before starting work on a bid.

To bid, applicants must complete and submit the application form below, along with the requested supporting documentation, to Nottingham City Council using this email address:

Bids submitted in any other format will not be accepted.

Bids must be submitted by 23:59 on Thursday, 22nd September 2022.

For any technical queries please email: