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There are certain circumstances where special arrangements for registration and voting need to be made.


If you are a student studying away from home you can register at more than one address. You can register at both your home address and your term-time address and you can vote in both areas at Local Elections. At UK Parliamentary Elections (General Elections) and European Elections you must choose one area to vote in only.

Register to vote as soon as possible

Please note: As well as registering yourself online, you or someone in your household MUST still respond to the Household Enquiry Form which will be sent to your address. Failure to respond to this form could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

More information can be found on our student information web page.

Armed Forces Personnel

Anyone who is a member of HM Services can register to vote for all elections. There are two ways to do this

  • You can include your details on the Household Enquiry Form delivered to the address where you would normally live  
  • You can fill in a separate application form for service voters available from your unit. You can either register as a non-service voter if you have a permanent home address in the UK, or register as a service voter of you don't have a permanent home address in the UK. You can do both of these online by clicking here. You'll need you National Insurance number if you have one

A service vote is valid for 5 years - we will send all service voters a renewal form after 4 years and 9 months.

British Citizens Living Overseas

If you are a British citizen living abroad and you've been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years, you can apply to be an overseas voter. If you were too young to register when you left the UK, you may still become an overseas voter if your parent or guardian was registered at the time.

As an overseas voter you can vote in UK Parliamentary Elections (General Elections) and European Elections.

You can register online by clicking here

No Fixed Address or Homeless

You can still register to vote even if you have no permanent address using a Declaration of Local Connection. A homeless person may register at the address of, or which is nearest to, a place where they commonly spend a substantial part of their time (whether during the day or night). This address, for example, may be a park bench, a bus shelter or the doorway of a High Street store. Declarations of Local Connection can be made at any time throughout the year and are valid for 12 months. We will send a renewal form after 9 months.

You can still register to vote even if you do not have a fixed address. This could be because:

To register to vote, you need to give a “qualifying address” where we can locate your registration. This could be a previous address that you still have ties to, an address where you spend the majority of your time, or an address where you would be living if it weren’t for your current situation.

Contact Electoral Services at elections@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or on 0115 876 4111 to request a registration form (no fixed address).

Read more about registering to vote with no fixed address.

For further information please contact Electoral Services on 0115 876 4111 or email us at elections@nottinghamcity.gov.uk.

People whose Personal Safety may be at Risk

If you are concerned about your name appearing on the Electoral Register and think this could affect your personal safety, then you may be able to register anonymously. You must complete an Anonymous Registration Form and must be able to:

  • Explain why your safety would be at risk if you were to appear on the Electoral Register
  • Provide documentary evidence of a court order or an attestation from an authorised person to support your application

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