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Operators Licence

This licence entitles you to, in the course of your business, make provision for the invitation or acceptance of bookings for Nottingham City Council licensed Private Hire Vehicles from premises in that district, which have been granted planning permission.

Following a change in legislation by the Deregulation Act 2015, the period for a Private Hire Operators licence has been extended to five years.

Nottingham City Council is therefore proposing to amend its fees.

Operators Licence fees

  • One Year Grant £1267 plus £21 per vehicle
  • Five Year Grant £1340 plus £21 per vehicle
  • One Year Renewal £1213 plus £21 per vehicle
  • Five Year Renewal £1275 plus £21 per vehicle

Following a change to the law and Council Committee approval the default position for the issue and granting of a Private Hire Operators licence is 5 years.

The fees for a five year licence will be as follows

  • On first five year grant of licence :£1340.00 plus £21.00 per vehicle


  • Five year renewal of licence :£1275.00 plus £21.00 per vehicle

Individual Applications

For this type of application you will need to state your previous occupation, whether a previous application for an operators licence has been made by you or on your behalf and if a previous operators licence held by you has been revoked or suspended.


All convictions imposed by a court must be declared in the application, subject to the constraints of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Failure to disclose convictions or the omissions of any material particular to the application is an offence for which you may be prosecuted.

If this application is by a company, then it must be declared if any previous application has been made for an operators licence by the company.

Partnership Applications

If the applicant proposes to operate vehicles in partnership with another person, the name and address of all parties and any recorded conviction against those persons are to be declared (You are not obliged to disclose any convictions which are 'spent' within the meaning of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

On the application you are to declare whether any previous application has been made for an operators licence by your partner(s), has any previous operators licence held by your partner(s), been revoked or suspended, and have you or your partner(s) ever been declared bankrupt?

Before an application is presented the applicant should consider how many vehicles they intend to operate from their premises. Operating more than two vehicles may require planning permission from the Councils Planning Department for the premises concerned, and a licence will NOT be granted until it is obtained.

When planning permission is deemed unnecessary by the Council's Planning Department then this also must be produced in writing.

The proposed company name, telephone number and side panel design are to be submitted with the application for consideration by the Licensing Manager.

The application form must be accompanied by:

  • Current licence fee for number of vehicles proposing to be operated. (current fees can be obtained from the Licensing Office)
  • Two written character references are required for you and any partners to enable your application to be dealt with (not from relatives)
  • Immigration Act – right to work documentation

Upon receipt of all documentation, the Licensing Manager will consider the application and if approved a licence will be granted subject to conditions issued by Nottingham City Council.

Renewal of Licence

A renewal form will be sent to your home address or recorded company address two months prior to your licence expiring (please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your licence is renewed before its expiry). You should contact Licensing on 0115 915 6571 to arrange an appointment to submit at the Licensing Office:

  • The renewal letter
  • Completed renewal application form
  • A list of current vehicles and drivers working for your company
  • Current fee (obtainable from the Licensing Office - cash not accepted)
  • Immigration Act – right to work documentation

To allow continuity of the licence, the renewal application must be presented to the Licensing Office at least 14 days prior to the expiry date of the current licence.

Any application made after that time (without reasonable cause) will be treated as a 'new' application and you will need to go through the same procedure as that specified for the grant of an initial licence.

If the licence is allowed to expire the operator would not be entitled to make provisions for the invitation or acceptance of bookings for Nottingham City Council Licensed Private Hire Vehicles from premises in that district.

Processing Timetables

With the exception of Private Hire Operator licensing all applications must be submitted by appointment. The below processing timescales apply to applications where all of the relevant requirements have been met at the time of application. In instances where the circumstances of an application are unusual or exceptional, processing may take longer than the timescale advertised.

Type of Application

Processing Timescale

New Driver

3 working days

New Vehicle

5 working days

Driver Renewal

3 working days

Vehicle Renewal

5 working days

Vehicle - Executive Status

5 working days

New Operator

5 working days

Operator Renewal

5 working days

Transfer of a Vehicle

1 day

Vehicle Licence Change from Private Hire to
Hackney Carriage (or vice versa)


For further information please contact the licensing office at