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Avoid being a victim of rogue traders and what to do if you are approached.

Report a Trader

If you are contacted by such traders or are aware of any in your area if it is safe to do so please contact Trading Standards on 0808 223 1133 or the police on 999 with the following information:

  • Address or area where the trader is working
  • Description of trader
  • Vehicle and registration
  • Type of work being carried out
  • Is trader still present

What 'Doorstep' crime is

Doorstep crime is when rogue traders knock at your door and pressure you into buying something or signing up for a service, they may do this by cold calling via the phone or in a face to face visit. The most common doorstep crime includes

  • Traders offering guttering or roofing or paving services (also called cold calling)
  • Gardening or tree cutting services
  • Taking deposits and not returning to do the work
  • Charging unreasonable prices
  • Not giving cancellation notices out to consumers after cold calls
  • Taking consumers to banks or building societies
  • Hard sell of products, causing fear to consumers
  • Shoddy or poor work, causing consumers to pay out again
  • Refusing to sort out problems
  • No guarantees or warranties

Remember you're in your own home and you are not obliged to open your door or buy anything from anyone.

If you are approached by doorstep traders

Not all traders are dishonest, but there are things you should do to make sure you don't become a victim.

  • Identify who is calling by insisting on seeing and checking their identification
  • If you are suspicious or have concerns do not open your door at all and at all times use a spyhole or door chain
  • Don't be rushed into agreeing to buy
  • Take time to make a decision
  • Never hand money over upfront
  • If you still have any suspicions or concerns, ask the trader to leave, close the door and call the police on 999 or contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133

Contact us

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