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Request a search for your missing documentation

Occasionally you need important documents that you may have misplaced. You can request a search of our files to see if we have your document and if we do we can supply you an emailed copy.

A search can only be made for the following documents:

  • Acceptance Notice,
  • Decision / Approval Notice
  • Completion and Regularisation Certificates

Note: Applications with ‘BN’ within the reference did receive a Decision or Approval notice originally and work covered under a Competent Persons Scheme have no documents to request, so please do not request any of the above as you will still be charged.

List of Competent Persons Schemes can be found here.

Without written permission from the original architect, we are unable to supply copies of plans or details under copyright laws. The charge refers to a single plan or document.

Please complete the online search request form

There is a non-refundable fee of £20.00 inclusive of VAT to cover our administration costs for each document searched. Unfortunately, search requests made in error will still incur the charge.

We may need more time to access the offsite archive paper files and extra time searching and retrieving your documents manually.

We aim to reply to your requests within 14 working days from receipt. But cannot always guarantee a copy document is available.

Please note that completion certificates were not issued before the end of 1995 and only then for completed work that satisfied all the relevant requirements.

Other documents older than 15 years old may be unavailable due to certain files being deleted from our systems for the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Request a search for missing documentation 

Any documents for work carried out through the Competent Person Scheme including work covered by an Approved Inspector are unavailable through the local authority so you will need to contact them directly.

Please click here for advice on the competent persons scheme

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