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Pre-application Advice Overview

Representing the Council as local highway authority, the Traffic and Safety service area is a multi-disciplinary team covering all highway related matters within the planning and development process. The service includes Highway Development Management, Road Safety, Traffic Management, Highway Management, Rights of Way, Section 38 and S278 agreements, and temporary and permanent highway closures and diversions. Their combined role is to ensure that all new highways:-

  • Are safe, functional and easy to use
  • Have the capacity to cope with anticipated use
  • Create developments where people want to work, rest and play
  • Enhance the local environment, reduce carbon emissions and improve biodiversity; and
  • "Keep Nottingham Moving".

When consulted by the local planning authority, to provide constructive comments on a planning proposal, highway layout, design, street hierarchy etc, Highways Development Management consult colleagues across Traffic and Safety. This advice feeds into the decision on the planning application.

We recognise that early discussions have a number of benefits, including:

  • reduction in the time spent working up a proposal
  • smoother passage through the planning process
  • ensuring an application is complete and to a satisfactory standard
  • avoids delays and duplication of work, saving time and money

Developers should prepare their own proposals for consideration and not rely on HDM to design the scheme - we are here to advise and not design. The following weblinks and information, although not exhaustive, will help with your initial designs and layouts for HDM’s consideration.

These agreements are made under the Highways Act 1980. You will need to enter into a S38 Agreement if the proposed development includes the dedication of new roads, footways, footpaths or other rights of way to be adopted by the Council as publicly maintained highways. You will also need a S278 if the proposed development includes works to alter existing highway land, for example altering the layout of a junction or creating a new access into the development site. For both agreements, you should start discussing the design and layout as early as possible. For submission of technical drawings, information on bonds, fees and timescales, please email

Note: If you are carrying out works on an existing highway, as well as a S278 Agreement, you will need other permissions / licences to enter and work on the highway land. Please see “other permissions, permits and licences” below

The importance of road safety cannot be overstated and runs through and informs all stages of the highway and planning processes, from inception through to design, technical submissions and formal highway adoption. The Road Safety team offer advice to developers and planners and carryout all road safety audits independently. This process feeds into the S38 Agreement and S278 Agreement process and ensures the highway network is safe for all users, whether they are on foot, cycle, mobility scooter or motor vehicle. For information on road safety, safety audits, fees and advice please email /

Where the footprint of a proposed development encroaches on to the highway (including roads, verges, footways, footpaths and all other public rights of way), before the development can be carried out, you will need a stopping up order or a diversion order (Town and Country Planning Act 1990). The Council’s traffic and safety service area offers pre-application advice and can assist you with the application to the Department for Transport which can run concurrently with the planning process. For advice and further information including timescales and fees, please email

This part of the highway, planning and development process is managed by the Councils Highway Network Management team. Their role is to manage and coordinate all work and activities taking place on the highway, including statutory utilities, public or private events, emergencies, planning and developments, and to Keep Nottingham Moving. 

When applying for a S278 Agreement to alter the highway, you will also need authorisation to enter the highway to carry out the work. For all highway and street work permits, hoardings, Section 50 and Section 184 licences under the Highways Act 1980, and temporary and permanent Traffic Regulation Orders please email

Contact details for the different areas are provided below.

Area Email
Highways Development Management
Highway Agreements (S38 / S278 technical assessment and approvals)
Public Rights of Way (permanent highway closures and diversions)

Traffic Regulation Orders (for permanent TRO’s)
Temporary TROs 
 Highway Network Management (works permits, licences, other permissions to enter / work on the highway)
Road Safety (advice and road safety audits) /

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