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In Nottingham the Local Plan comprises the

  • Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy (Local Plan Part 1), which was adopted on 8 September 2014,
  • The Land and Planning Policies Document - LAPP (2020) (Local Plan Part 2) which was adopted on 13 January 2020
  • The jointing prepared Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Core Strategy (2013) which was adopted 10 December 2013.
 Local Plan Part 1  Local Plan Part 2 Waste Core Strategy 

Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy

 The Land and Planning Policies Document - LAPP (2020)  Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Core Strategy (2013)

Further details are set out below.

Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy - Local Plan Part 1 (2014)

The adopted Nottingham City ACS sets out strategic planning policies and development principles for Nottingham City to guide development until 2028.  The ACS was jointly prepared with Broxtowe and Gedling Borough Councils with close alignment to the Core Strategies of the other Councils that which make up Greater Nottingham, namely Erewash and Rushcliffe Borough Councils. Click on the links below to view the associated documents.

Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Review 

Broxtowe Borough, Gedling Borough, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe Borough Councils are in the process of reviewing their part 1 Local Plans to be replaced with a new joint Local Strategic Plan.

Details can be viewed on the Greater Nottingham Planning Partnership website.

The Land and Planning Policy Document (Part 1 Local Plan) was formally adopted on 13 January 2020. 

This LAPP contains both Development Management planning policies and site specific land allocations. It provides a level of certainty about which areas will be developed or protected in the future and for what purpose. It forms Part 2 of new Local Plan along with the adopted Core Strategy which is Part 1 of the Local Plan and forms the overarching, strategic document.

The LAPP consists of

The Land and Planning Policy Document (Local Plan Part 2) 

Combined Interactive Policies Map

This combines the following:

Interactive Policies Map

A new interactive policies map is available that shows all the Local Plan policy layers. These layers are also available on Nottingham Insight Mapping which also contains other data/information that may be useful such as ward boundaries, planning application boundaries etc. Important to note that in both options, the layers marked with an * indicates are formed from data that has been gathered from external sources separate from the Local Plan process, and may be subject to change. The maps will show the current version of these layers, not the version that was adopted.

Use Class Order Changes

Since the adoption of the Local Plan, the government has made significant changes to the Use Class Order. The Council has prepared this statement of Use Class Change which set out how policies in the Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents that refer to specific use classes can be applied in light of these changes.

Supporting Documents

Additional archive material including the examination library, details about the examination and consultation comments received can be found on the archived Examination pages. Further details of each stage can be view of the Local Plan review pages.

Work has started on a new Waste Local Plan, which is being prepared jointly by Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council. This will replace the adopted Waste Core Strategy (2013)

The new Plan will ensure that we can plan for sufficient sites to meet future demand for waste and resource recovery over the next 15-20 years, a period which will see significant housing and economic growth across the plan area. Once adopted, the document will provide a range of policies aimed at supporting sustainable waste management, helping us to meet our objectives on climate change and minimising carbon emissions. The Plan will then be used to determine planning applications for waste development.

For further details please visit the Nottingham County Council Waste Local Plan Review pages

In addition to the Local Plan documents, other adopted Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance are a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. Please see the Supplementary Planning Documents/Guidance page for details. In addition, new SPDs are planned to provide further guidance and details of these can be found on the Latest News and consultation page.  

The diagram below shows the documents that make up the Local Plan for Nottingham City along with other related documents.

local plan

The previous Nottingham Local Plan (adopted November 2005) is now superseded by the policies by the Aligned Core Strategies (Local Plan Part 1) and the Land and Planning Policies Document (Local Plan Part 2).

The previous 'Saved' Local Plan policies contained detailed planning policies against which all planning applications were judged until the document was superceded.

It was accompanied by an adopted Proposals Map, which set out areas of protection and areas of land designated for particular land uses. The Plan and related documents are listed below for archive purposes only:

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