What Is A Child Friendly City (CFC)?

Child Friendly Cities is a global UNICEF initiative that reaches and supports nearly 30 million children in 50 countries across the whole world.

Here in the United Kingdom, Child Friendly Cities and Communities is a UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK) programme that works with local councils and communities to put children’s rights into action.

The goal of the Child Friendly City programme is to make cities and communities places where all the local children and young people have a positive and meaningful input, so they can benefit from the plans, decisions, spaces and services they use and that impact their lives where they grow up.

A Child Friend City is a city which is committed to improving the lives of children and young people within their jurisdiction by realising their rights as articulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


We are excited to announce Nottingham has begun it’s partnership with the UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK).

Nottingham is on a journey working in partnership with UNICEF UK towards international recognition as a Child-Friendly City. 

Our Child Friendly City initiative has been made possible by funding from the National Lottery Community Fund Small Steps Big Changes (SSBC) programme.

What Does This Mean For Nottingham?

Child Friendly Nottingham is a priority for our city and Nottingham is invested to make children and young people’s lives better.

Being recognised as a UNICEF UK Child Friendly City will make Nottingham a better place to grow up in. This will be good for children and young people, and good for Nottingham’s future.

Child Friendly Nottingham will create the commitment and drive to improve our city by listening to children’s voices, respecting their views and experiences and by making an impact on decisions in our city.

We aim to create stronger communities for children and young people as well as improving the partnerships that work for the children of our city.

Child Friendly Nottingham will enable a better understanding of children’s rights and how they are supported through services, partnerships, policies and planning.

Nottingham City Council and partners such as SSBC, the NHS, the Police and local organisations will work together with UNICEF UK to support and promote children’s rights and put them into practice. Child Friendly Nottingham will make positive changes for all children of our city.

Who Supports Nottingham’s Child Friendly City?

Our current partners are…

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If you wish to support Nottingham's Child Friendly City Initiative, please contact Eky Ghansah (ekua.ghansah@nottinghamcity.gov.uk)


Consultation and activities to will be taking place over the next few months in schools, colleges, youth clubs and children’s groups.


To become a Child Friendly City, Nottingham will be choosing 3 blue Badges (priorities) over the next few months to support the lives of children and young people in our city.

These badges will then set our priorities to work on for the next 3 to 5 years.

UNICEF UK has three mandatory badges – Communication, Co-operation and Leadership, and Culture (the three yellow badges in the middle).

What do you feel Nottingham needs to work on to support the children and young people of our city… What would be your top 3 badges?


  • Parents Voices Supporting Your Child (for the Under 5’s) – coming soon

Child Friendly Nottingham – Discovery Consultation

Children views – Consultation on Children’s Rights, Nottingham and the Child Friendly City Programme

A huge Thank YOU to all of the children who took part. The Child Friendly Nottingham team and partners massively value your input - thank you for your views, honesty and wisdom.

Click here to view Video for Child Friendly Nottingham - YouTube

Discovery Data Animation

From our consultations, so far, we are bettering our understanding of how our children see and feel about their city.

Click here to view Video for Animation on CFC Discovery Day - Google Drive

Please get in contact if you need further information



Are you a Nottingham City Council colleague or partner? Does your role involve supporting children, young people and their rights?

Nottingham is striving to become a Child Friendly City (CFC) and we need colleagues, partners and professionals across Nottingham city to increase their understanding of children’s rights and have a child’s rights-based approach to support all children and young people.

If you are interested in this training, please contact Eky Ghansah (ekua.ghansah@nottinghamcity.gov.uk)

UNICEF UK Training Information


Primary Parliament talks Child Friendly Nottingham - March 2022

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Event Image

Supporting Child Friendly Nottingham

Would you like to become a Nottingham Child Friendly Champion or Ambassador to support the children and young people of our city?

To help our Child Friendly City journey, we have champions that will support the programme and the voice of our children and young people.

For more information, please contact Eky Ghansah (ekua.ghansah@nottinghamcity.gov.uk)

Information Details

If you would like more information about Child Friendly Nottingham, please contact Eky Ghansah ekua.ghansah@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

For more information on Child Friendly Cities, please visit the UNICEF UK page: https://childfriendlycities.org/