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Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (City MASH)

The City MASH receives referrals in respect of children where there are worries about their welfare.

  • City MASH is operational Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:50 pm.
  • Outside these hours, the telephone number should be used for emergency safeguarding enquiries only.
  • The City MASH will only accept referrals on a child that lives within the City boundaries.

If you are a Child, a Parent, a Family Member or a Member of the public and have worries about a child - Please contact us on 0115 876 4800 to discuss your worries.

If you wish to report a concern anonymously, please contact us on 0115 876 4800. Please note that a MASH referral from a practitioner working with the child or family in a professional capacity cannot be treated as anonymous.

Professionals making a MASH referral

Due to the high volume of referrals that the MASH is receiving, please only telephone the MASH if your referral is urgent, requiring a Social Worker to visit the child today.

Please consult the ‘Threshold of Needs’ document when considering whether a child is in need of Help/Support/Safeguarding/Protection.

Where you believe there is immediate risk of significant harm please contact the Police on 999, all children at immediate risk of HARM should be reported to the police who will then liaise with City MASH.

For children needing Safeguarding/Protection please make the referral by telephoning the MASH on 0115 876 4800, you will be required to send in a completed MARF after the call.

For referrals that are not urgent, complete a Multi-Agency Referral Form via the link below, which will be considered on the working day of receipt. The Multi-Agency Safeguarding (Children) Hub (City MASH) is the single point of contact for all professionals to report safeguarding concerns.

Click here to complete the Multi-Agency Referral Online Form

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