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If you're experiencing issues with dust, fumes, or odours in your local area, you can report the problem using the online form provided by the Pollution Control Team.

Report dust, fumes and odour

Report Dust, Fumes and Odour


Types of Pollution:

  • Dust:

    • Visible nuisance that can affect the use of outdoor spaces and opening windows.
    • Solutions may include regular damping, screening, or other mitigating measures.
  • Fumes and Odours:

    • Often linked issues, making it easier to identify emission sources.
    • Operators of processes generating these pollutants should not cause nuisances to residents or businesses.

Investigation Process:

  • Complaints are thoroughly investigated by the Pollution Control Team.
  • If a statutory nuisance is confirmed, appropriate notices and actions are taken.

By reporting pollution concerns, you contribute to maintaining a healthier and more comfortable environment for your community.

Feedback submitted to us on this form is monitored but you won’t receive a reply. If you need a response please contact us.