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Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System was introduced to address some issues of health and safety in homes.  

For a Landlords guide please click on HHSRS - Guidance for landlords and property-related professionals 

Retaliatory Eviction

Tenants now have further protection from eviction where they are living in houses where there are unsatisfactory housing conditions. For the additional protection the below steps need to have been followed:

  • Inform the landlord in writing that conditions in the property are unsatisfactory, please see letter 1 and 2 to landlord below
  • The landlord does not respond in 14 days or the response is unsatisfactory
  • The tenant complains to Nottingham City Councils Safer Housing Team
  • The Safer Housing team serve the relevant notice
  • The landlord will not be able to serve an S21 notice to quit for 6 months of the service of the relevant notice

Please click here for further information on The Retaliatory Eviction regulations

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Landlords are required to provide smoke alarms on each storey of the house where there is a room which is used wholly or partly as living accommodation.

Landlords will also be required to fit carbon monoxide alarms in rooms which contain a solid fuel burning combustion appliance and are used wholly or partly as living accommodation.

These alarms need to be kept in good working order and checked at the start of each tenancy.

Where landlords fail to comply with their duties the Safer Housing team will be able to serve a notice requiring remedial action. If this is not complied with then a penalty charge notice can be served.

Please be aware that fitting battery smoke alarms does not mean you are compliant with fire safety under the Housing Act 2004 and further works may be required. For further guidance on fire safety see the LACORS Fire Safety Guide.

Empty Homes

Empty homes can be a real eyesore and cause problems for neighbours. We track down empty homes, trace their owners and try to persuade them to bring the properties back into use.

To report a privately owned empty property, please contact Environmental Health.

Caravan Site Licensing

All caravan sites must be licensed. The conditions that we impose as part of this licence are based on standard Government guidance but will be changed to make them specific to the site.

If you wish to apply for a licence you will first need to ensure that the site has planning permission for that use. It may be useful to liaise with us as well as planning at this stage so that we can ensure that all relevant standards are agreed together. To make an application for a licence please contact us with a detailed plan of the site layout and, we will discuss the application with you in more detail if we have not already done so.

Further information on standards in housing can be found by clicking on the following link:

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