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School Appeals Team

School admission appeals are administered independently through the School Appeals Team, part of Constitutional Services at Nottingham City Council.

School Admissions Appeals

The following information will support you in lodging an appeal following the refusal of an application for a school place.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and if you feel there is still some information you require that is not displayed on this page, please contact the relevant teams.

All appeals must be heard according to the School Admission Appeals Code. To find out more click the following link which will take you the the related Gov.UK webpage.

A decision letter sent from the School Admissions Team will include further details about

  • How to appeal.
    • For academies, church and trust schools, and schools outside Nottingham City, your decision letter will advise you of how to appeal and who will deal with this.
    • For community or voluntary controlled schools and any academy that has requested this service, the appeals process is dealt with by the School Appeals Team in the Constitutional Services Department of the City Council, who are independent of Children and Adults.
  • Details of why you have been refused and how to appeal against that refusal.
  • The exact deadline for you to return your completed appeal form which is usually 28 school days from the date of the decision letter. 

The below PDF lists Nottingham City Schools and what type of school they are. Click the link to download and view the document.

To access information about school appeals in more detail or for information about the appeal procedure, please see the School Appeals Team Page below.


If your child has been refused due to the infant class size legal limit of 30

The law states that no infant child (Reception through to Year 2) should be in a class above 30 pupils in an ordinary teaching session.

The grounds for allowing an infant class size appeal are limited to

  • Either the admission authority has not processed the application correctly
  • The decision to refuse was completely unreasonable.

If your child has been refused due to more applications than places and in line with the oversubscription criteria (Normal prejudice appeal) 

The Panel will:

  • Consider how the school would be affected by admitting one more pupil.
  • Consider how your child will be affected by not going to this particular school.
  • Consider circumstances, such as if there are no other schools nearby with places available and any particular difficulties that may result from your child not attending this particular school.
  • Weigh up whether the school (and the pupils already on the roll) would be more disadvantaged by your child attending,
  • Weigh up whether your child would be more disadvantaged by not going to this school.

In deciding as to who would be more disadvantaged, the Panel will consider evidence from the Admissions Authority, such as communal space, size of classrooms, levels of special education needs or English as an additional language etc.

This section is only relevant if you are appealing because your child has a medical condition that can only be managed at the school you are appealing for. 

The Appeal Panel must be made aware of your child’s medical condition, how it affects your child, and why the appealed school is the only school that can support your child’s condition.

If you are relying on information relating to a medical condition to support your appeal, documents should be submitted with this your appeal, from a medical professional, outlining full details of the condition and how it affects your child.

Make an Admissions Appeal

Completing this service should take around 10 minutes.

To complete this service you will need.

  • Contact details
  • Addresses of both parent and child
  • A reason for wanting to appeal 
  • Any supporting documents (optional)

Please read and understood the above guidance before submitting your appeal. If you are happy with the guidance provided and are ready to lodge your appeal, then you can do so using the below button.

Make an appeal online

Please ensure that the appeals for the school you wish to appeal for are being administered by The School Appeals Team. You can check this by looking at the appeal information on your decision letter and the contact details section.

School Admissions Team

School Appeals Team- Constitutional Services:

(Independently administered through Constitutional Services)

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