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The Education Governance Service

The Education Governance Service provides support and development to school governors of schools, academies, MAT’s, free schools and pupil referral units across the East Midlands.

School Governors

School governors, the UK’s largest voluntary workforce, support schools to improve education for children and young people and raise aspirations and life chances.

What is the role of a school governor?

Work as part of a team supporting the school, pupils, staff, and the Headteacher to approve, implement and drive school policies, make key decisions including recruitment of staff, review of staffing structure and management of the school budget.

Governors are expected to attend governor training governing board meetings and undertake monitoring visits each term.

The term of office is for a four-year period. 

Who can become a governor?

People who have energy, enthusiasm, commitment, skills and a genuine interest in education.

No previous experience or knowledge is not a barrier, we provide all the support you need.

What are the benefits?

The role can provide opportunities to develop your knowledge, skills and experience in areas such as education policy, financial management, interviewing and chairing skills and speaking in public.

You will work as part of a team and have countless opportunities to network with other governors, sharing ideas, experiences and best practice. 

Interested in becoming a school governor?

Find out more about how to help school staff and Head Teachers to ensure that children and young people get the best from schools. 

How can I find out more?

We are here to help with any queries you may have about becoming a governor.

How can I apply?

You can apply by clicking on the button below and downloading an application form.

Download application form here

More information can be found by clicking the button below, which will take you to another site. 

It is important that all governing bodies agree to a Code of Conduct for School Governors. This will ensure that all governors know their responsibility. Governing bodies can write their own or adapt to the Education Governance Service Code of Conduct template.

People who become school governors make a positive contribution by giving time and their experience to help shape the quality of learning in their school. The governing body will ensure that their school is effectively and efficiently managed.

Learn more about the different types of school governors.

The Head Teacher

The Head teacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school. The Head teacher advises on and implements the governing bodies strategic framework. The Head teacher also:

  • Formulates aims and objectives, policies and targets for consideration for the governing body to adopt
  • Reports each term to the governing board on pupil progress
  • Attends all meetings of the governing board
  • Can opt not to be a member of the governing board

Parent Governor

  • Must have a child at school at the time of election
  • Are elected by parents of children at the school for a term of four years
  • May be appointed by the governing board if a "nil" response was returned to the nominating stage
  • May, if they wish to stand for re-election

Staff Governor

  • Must be elected by other staff members at the school
  • Holds a term of office for four years but will cease if they leave school
  • May stand for re-election
  • Can give their point of view on issues, but this may not reflect the views of the majority of staff
  • Can join any committee and contribute towards discussions on the budget and discipline
  • Must withdraw form a meeting if they have a personal interest in the outcome of an issue

Local Authority Governor (LA)

  • Can be nominated by the Local Authority for a vacant LA governor position. The governing board decide to appoint
  • Holds a term of office for four years
  • Can be re-appointed by the governing board when the current term of office has been completed provided they have not been disqualified

Co-opted Governor

  • Holds a term of office for four years
  • Appointed by the governing board
  • Can be recouped when they completed their current term of office provided they have not been disqualified
  • Can be removed from office by at least fifty per cent of the full governing board
  • When deciding whom to co-op governors should make sure that the governing body reflect a balance

Nottingham City Council, School Governors' Team, provides support, training and development solutions to governors and governing bodies.

We provide a professional clerking service, and a comprehensive governor training and development package to schools and academies. 

Support, training and development solutions for governors and governing bodies:

  • Advice and support by phone, email or virtual platform (if required)
  • Training and development solutions include bespoke sessions, to governors and governing boards
  • Networking and development opportunities for governors via the Virtual Chatroom
  • Access to Governorhub, the online governor support toolkit and term-by-term governor reports, designed to raise awareness of changes to the education landscape and share good news stories across Nottingham City
  • Business support including the management of governing body meetings, uploading to Governorhub all meeting papers and the provision of dedicated clerks to advise and produce minutes
  • Support for governing body change including conversion to a primary school, federation and academy
  • Provide external reviews of governance
  • Provide consultancy support
  • Support for Chairs
  • Support for Headteachers.

 Please contact Rachael Harvey on 0115 876 4589 or email

Contact us

School Governors Team
Nottingham City Council
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Tel: 0115 876 4589

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