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Commissioners appointed |

The Government has announced that Commissioners are to be appointed for Nottingham City Council.  For further information, the council’s response and FAQs can be read here.

Energy Efficient Homes

Improved energy efficiency will make your home easier and cheaper to heat and keep warm. With energy bills at an all-time high, knowing how to save energy has never mattered more.

Having energy efficiency measures installed in your home will help save you money on your energy bills. Below are a number of schemes and organisations which can help fund energy efficiency measures or give advice.

Energy suppliers are required to help households reduce the costs of their home heating by fitting energy-saving measures. You may get help with the cost of insulation work, replacing or repairing a boiler, or other upgrades to your heating.

Different energy suppliers have different amounts of support and offer different types of improvements.

Applying for ECO4

Eligibility criteria - national

ECO4 eligibility www.gov.uk/energy-company-obligation

Eligibility criteria - Nottingham

Nottingham City Council is overseeing LA Flex criteria to enable more households in Nottingham to qualify for ECO4.

For more information on this criteria please see our ECO4 flexible eligibility statement of intent

Find out more here www.gov.uk/energy-company-obligation

Information on local installers - Local Installers for ECO Measures

You may be able to get free or cheaper insulation to reduce your home’s energy bills.

You might get support if your home:

You can be a homeowner, landlord or tenant (either renting privately or from a housing association). If you’re a tenant, speak to your landlord before you apply. You’ll need their permission before any insulation can be installed.

To access the scheme apply online at https://www.gov.uk/apply-great-british-insulation-scheme
If you’re eligible for support, your energy supplier will contact you.

Find out more at Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - Homeowners and tenants | Ofgem

Recommendations for home improvements that could make your property cheaper to heat and keep warm are available on this .Gov web page

Properties in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) are required to meet minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES) before they can be rented to tenants. Find out more about the required standards and financial help available to landlords to meet these standards. Improved energy efficiency can make your properties easier and cheaper to heat, lift your tenants out of fuel poverty and may even increase the value of your properties.