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Upon completion, the redevelopment of the entire Broadmarsh area will bring about a significant improvement to the city centre. The new additions, including the Broadmarsh Car Park and Bus Station, Central Library, Nottingham Castle visitor experience, and Nottingham College City Hub, will collectively enhance the overall urban landscape. The project goes beyond physical structures, envisioning a reimagined public realm that promises a more dynamic and appealing city centre for residents and visitors alike.

  • An open, vibrant, welcoming space in the city for anyone arriving by bus, tram, train, car, bike or on foot.
  • A new public space between the New College, Nottingham Central Library and Nottingham Castle, with spaces for outdoor seating, food and drink and areas for children to play.
  • Areas will include a bright, tree-lined space with high quality paving with landscaping, public art, and outdoor cafés, transforming them into safe and attractive spaces for people to enjoy.
  • Views to the Castle will be preserved, with space for art boxes and words in the paving, celebrating both the new Central Library and Nottingham’s status as a UNESCO City of Literature, included as part of the design.

The Middle Hill and Sussex Street Area

The Middle Hill and Sussex Street Area has undergone a remarkable transformation. Previously, it was inaccessible and uninviting, but now it has been revitalised into a vibrant amphitheatre-style space. Steps connect Middle Hill to Sussex Street, creating an inviting environment where people can unwind and engage in recreational activities.

The revamped area features new spaces designed for the enjoyment and exercise of young people, offering options like skateboarding and other sports. These public spaces have the capability to host significant events during both day and night, contributing to the city's growing reputation as a hub for top-notch entertainment and activities.

Broad Marsh Street Trading

Public Notice on Street Trading around Broadmarsh

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