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How to Apply

All vehicles including motorcycles are required to display a valid permit to park. 

In residential areas parking may be restricted to 'Permit Holders Only'. If you live or are a business operating within a residential parking scheme you may be eligible for a permit for your vehicle or for visitors to use.

To find out more information and apply for a specific permit you can go to:

Why We Need Them    

Residents Parking Schemes are to protect on-street parking spaces for the people who live in their respective areas. Because of increased parking charges in the city centre, some commuters park in the local neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the city centre. Residents Parking Schemes prevent the use of defined spaces by anyone who does not have a Resident's or a Visitor's parking permit.

Paying for a Permit

You can pay for a permit by credit, debit, cheque and postal order (please note that cash is longer accepted as a form of payment). All cheques and postal orders should be made payable to 'Nottingham City Council'. For more information on how to pay please contact the permits team on 0115 876 1966.

Where Can I Park With My Permit?

You can only park in any 'Permit Holders Only' bay within the allowed zone as long as the permit is Displayed in the Vehicle. As a permit holder, you should be aware that possession of a permit is not sufficient to allow parking and that it must be displayed at all times.
Failure to display a valid resident, student, visitor, business or dispensation permit correctly could result in a Penalty Charge Notice.
Motorist's in the process of applying for or renewing a permit are not permitted to park their vehicle in a residents bay while waiting for a permit to be sent.

Parking spaces are not allocated to individual permit holders. The Residents Parking Scheme does not guarantee the availability of a parking space or a space outside your residence. The permits only entitle residents to park vehicles if space is available.

All other on-street parking restrictions within a residential zone (e.g. limited waiting bays and yellow lines etc) must be complied with as these do not allow permit holders to park.

If You Change Your Vehicle

Please return your old permit and a covering letter, along with a photocopy of the new vehicle's Certificate of Motor Insurance to

Parking Regulation and Compliance
PO Box 10169

A £25.00 charge is applicable for all student, business and dispensation permits subject to a vehicle change. Resident permits receive this service Free of charge.

Lost or Stolen Permit

You need to contact the Residents parking team by phone 0115 876 1966 or in writing as soon as possible to request a Lost or Stolen permit form to be sent. 

Please be advised that there is a charge for replacing lost permits.

Resident and Resident Visitor - Please note if you lose any of the permits issued to the property any replacement will incur a charge of £25 per permit.  The charge is irrespective of the expiry date of the permit.

All other permits (student, business and dispensation) - Please note that where a permit is lost there will be a charge of £100.00 for each replacement/duplicate irrespective of its expiry date.

If You Move Home

When you move house or business all permits should be returned to the council. They cannot be used by the new occupiers.
If you move to another house or business within the Residents Parking Scheme (even if it is in the same area) you will need to apply for a new permit at the new address.

Residential Permit Misuse

Residential permits are subject to specific terms and conditions, which can result in enforcement action or a permit being revoked if citizens are found to be misusing them. If you suspect misuse is taking place you can submit an anonymous report to our enforcement team for further investigation.

Report Residential Permit Misuse

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