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The Electoral and Open Register: Updating Details and Opting Out

Upon registering to vote, your name is included in the electoral register, a comprehensive list of individuals qualified to participate in voting processes. 

The Register of Electors is typically revised and published annually on December 1st. Monthly updates occur from January to September each year.

Full Register vs. Open Register and Access:

  1. Full Register:

    • Lists names and addresses of all eligible voters for electoral purposes.
    • Access is restricted and only allowed for specific purposes such as electoral activities, law enforcement, credit checks, and jury service.
  2. Open Register:

    • Available for purchase and not used for elections.
    • Can be bought by individuals, companies, or organisations for various purposes like business and charity confirmations.
    • Inclusion in the open register is optional. To opt out, tick the designated box during registration or inform Electoral Services.

Opting Out of Open Register: If you wish to exclude your details from the open register, indicate your preference during registration or inform Electoral Services.

Inspecting the Electoral Register:

Public inspection is possible by prior appointment at Loxley House, Station Street.

  • Contact the Electoral Services Team to schedule an appointment.
  • Appointments are limited to one hour, and making copies is an offense.

Viewing Historic Registers:

Registers older than 10 years can be obtained from the County Records Office (Nottinghamshire Archives) for research purposes, with specific conditions.

Nottinghamshire Archives Information:

County House, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham, NG1 2AG.
Further information and contact details.

Purchase a Copy of the Open Register: For details or to request a copy of the Open Register, please contact Electoral Services.

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