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Vehicle Licence Application

This licence entitles the vehicle to be used for Private Hire purposes through a Nottingham City Council licensed operator, or in the case of a Hackney Carriage, to ply for hire within the Nottingham City boundary.

Vehicle Age Policy

The type of licence you receive when you apply for an Initial Vehicle Licence and the checks you need to go through is based on the age of the vehicle.

All applications for replacement Hackney Carriage vehicles will be ordinarily refused unless the vehicle to be licensed is newer than the existing vehicle and is no more than ten (10) years of age from the date of first DVLA registration.


Vehicle Type Vehicle Age Vehicle Licence Type
Private Hire Vehicle 1 to 10 years old 1 year licence
Over 10 years old 6 month licence
Fully electric 1-11 years old 1 year licence
Fully Electric over 11 years old 6 month Licence
Over 10 years old Initial Private Hire Vehicle applications will not be accepted
Hackney Carriage 1 to 11 years old 1 year licence
Over 11 years old 6 month licence


Note: The date of 'first registration' recorded on the vehicle logbook (V5) is the date used by the Council concerning the age of the vehicle.

Vehicles that meet our specifications 

A list of all vehicles that meet Nottingham City Council specification is available.

To apply for an Initial Vehicle Licence

Application forms should be completed by applicants and submitted with the following original documents:

1. Vehicle Registration Document (V5)

(If the vehicle has been recently purchased and the registration document is at DVLA Swansea, the applicant must provide proof of ownership, i.e. receipted bill of sale, giving full details of the vehicle, the sellers and buyer details and produce the registration document (V5) as soon as it is received).

2. Certificate of Insurance

A current policy document of the insurance certificate or cover note for public or private hire use as appropriate, giving the names of any additional licensed driver. Photocopies or faxes are not acceptable.

Note: A certificate of insurance will not be accepted for Private Hire Vehicles that have both Public and Private Hire cover recorded on the paperwork.

3. Customer Taxi Licensing Fees

Please be aware that we will call you to take payment.


  • Vehicle licences are issued for 6 months (unless vehicle under three years old, which would be for 12 months, until the vehicle is over three years old by date on the vehicle logbook (V5)
  • If a licence is granted, this will be subject to conditions. Please see the relevant 'conditions' sheet in the initial application pack up

Vehicle Examination

On completion of the application documentation and submission to the Licensing Office, an appointment will be made for the vehicle to be tested to MOT standard at the Eastcroft works MOT station. An appointment slip will be issued by the Licensing Office with the time and date of the test, at the time of submitting application forms.

The vehicle should be fully prepared in advance for the examination and should be presented at the MOT station at least 10 minutes before the examination time. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the examination time or late attendance will incur a fee, and a new examination time will be made and further examination fee paid.

On successful completion of the examination, an inspection sheet (and copy) endorsed by the examiner will be issued, which will be recorded on the MOT and Licensing database and file. On Hackney Carriages a licence plate will be attached to brackets front and rear of the vehicle, and an internal licence plate attached to the passenger partition inside the vehicle. On Private Hire vehicles a licence plate will be attached to brackets to the front and rear of the vehicle and an internal licence plate attached to the windscreen at the top of the screen above the vehicle excise licence (tax disc).

If a vehicle fails the examination an Inspection sheet will be issued outlining what the vehicle failed on and licence plates will not be issued until the points of failure have been rectified and re-inspected to a pass standard.

When the vehicle has been rectified, an appointment requires to be made directly with the Eastcroft MOT Station on 0115 915 2008 for a re-test. A fee will be charged for a re-test payable direct to the Eastcroft MOT Station.

Within 2 weeks of the vehicle passing its examination, the licence will be sent to your address given on the application form, and if a Private Hire Vehicle, you will be required to deposit the licence with the operator you are working for. If Hackney Carriage, this should be kept by the proprietor or owner of the vehicle.

Please click below to see the applications for Initial Private Hire & Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence.

Renew a Vehicle Licence

Every six months (12 months for those vehicles under 10 years of age by date in the vehicle's logbook (V5)) a renewal application form will be sent to your home address. (Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your licence is renewed before it expires).

On receiving your paperwork you will need to make an appointment to submit your application with additional documents on telephone number 0115 915 6571.

You should bring with you to the Licensing Office:

  • The renewal letter
  • Completed renewal application form
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5) original
  • Current certificate of insurance and/or cover note from your insurance company original
  • The current fee (Cash is not acceptable)

An application to renew the licence will not be accepted more than one calendar month following the expiry of the licence, after that time it will be treated as an initial application. (if the Private Hire Vehicle is over 10 years of age or a Hackney Carriage is over 10 years of age from the date of first registration the licence is allowed to expire over a calendar month, following expiry without reasonable cause, the vehicle will NOT be able to be licensed under the age policy).

Please note:

  • That once a vehicle has been licensed only licensed drivers may drive that vehicle while a licence is in force
  • This Authority does not allow dual 'plating' (licensing) of Nottingham City Council licensed vehicles due to the difficulty and problems in enforcing such practices and the confusion it can cause to citizens

Vehicle Testing

The vehicle will be tested following the MOT Test Manual and the Local Authority Supplementary Testing Manual, copies of which can be obtained from the Licensing Office on request.

Except for Private Hire Operator licensing all applications must be submitted by appointment. The below processing timescales apply to applications where all the relevant requirements have been met at the time of application. In instances where the circumstances of an application are unusual or exceptional, processing may take longer than the timescale advertised.

Type of Application Processing Timescale
New Driver 3 working days
New Vehicle 5 working days
Driver Renewal 3 working days
Vehicle Renewal 5 working days
Vehicle Executive Status 5 working days
New Operator 5 working days
Operator Renewal 5 working days
Transfer of a Vehicle 1 day
Vehicle Licence Change from Private Hire to
Hackney Carriage (or vice versa)

Please email any scanned documents i.e. applications, insurance & logbook for processing to

Click link below to download:

Change of Ownership

A change of ownership is only required when the vehicle is transferred to a new owner, you must provide the following documents with the application;

  • Change of ownership application form
  • Valid insurance for the proposed new owner
  • V5C Vehicle Registration
  • Fee - £10.50
Please note that the existing vehicle licence needs to be returned to the Licensing Section.

Please click below to see the application:

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