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Commissioning is defined as the assessment of the needs of people in a local area, designing services, making the best use of the resources available and then securing/monitoring their delivery and effectiveness.

Commissioning services for vulnerable adults, children, young people, and families is carried out by the Strategy and Resources Directorate of Nottingham City Council in accordance with the Commissioning Pathway. Services are commissioned and procured for delivery by the Voluntary, Community and Private sectors. Our commissioning takes into account the views of stakeholders, service users and communities in securing services to meet identified needs.

Each year our Commissioning Intentions are agreed by Nottingham City Council’s Commissioning and Procurement Sub Committee.  The agreed plan for 2019/20 is available here. This plan may be reviewed in-year in response to changing circumstances. 

For any further information in regard to the Commissioning Intentions, please contact glenys.townsend@nottinghamcity.gov.uk


Nottingham City Council’s commissioning consultation exercises will be available in ‘Provider Corner’ on the Ask Lion website.

Supporting Documents

Adult Social Care Strategy

You can read a summary of the strategy or download the full Adult social care strategy.