Statutory Nuisances to Air Quality

Report a Problem in your Neighbourhood

Air Pollution and Air Quality
Monitoring air pollution and air quality and regulating Nottingham's Smoke Control Areas and emissions from permitted activities and installations.

Smoke from chimneys and bonfires
Information about bonfires, how to complain and the Smoke Control Area that covers Nottingham City.

Dust, Fumes and Odours
The Pollution Control Team is responsible for investigating complaints of dust, fumes and odour in its area.

Land Quality
Nottingham City Council has a responsibility to ensure that the land within its boundaries is "suitable for use".

Light pollution
Light pollution is unwanted light that may come from a variety of artificial sources including street lights and neon signs.

Noise Pollution
Excessive and unreasonable noise can make someone's life a misery.

Radiation takes many forms and occurs naturally in the environment.

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