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Application for a Combined Hackney Carriage Private Hire Drivers Licence

This is a combined licence, which entitles the holder to drive Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles licensed by Nottingham City Council. A Hackney carriage driver may work independently with a Hackney Carriage, whereas a Private Hire Driver must always work with a licensed operator.

To apply for a driver licence an applicant must be at least 18 years old and have held a full British Driving Licence for at least one year. The DVLA driving licence must be presented upon submission of the application form together with your National Insurance Number.

Applying for an Initial Driver Licence

At the time of submission you would need to have completed the following:

  • An application form
  • An enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) disclosure form - Convictions Policy (refer to the forms below for the further details)
  • GDPR (DBS) Consent Form
  • Two written character references from someone who has known you for 5 years or more (not from relatives or your local Councillor)
  • For Private Hire work, an offer of work from the Private Hire Operator you intend to work for, or a letter of confirmation from a proprietor of a Hackney Carriage if intending to drive a Hackney Carriage
  • Three forms of ID including Full UK Driving Licence (MUST be held for a minimum of 1 year)
  • Immigration Act right to work documentation
  • A recent passport size photograph
  • Taxi Licensing Fees payable by card (cash not accepted)

Once you have completed your application form, please email to arrange an appointment to submit your application form and required documentation.

Please note that following the receipt of an initial application it can take 6 to 8 weeks to complete the process due to the Licensing Office awaiting confirmation of checks from the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS).


You are required to complete the Blue Lamp Trust e-learning course which is available at;

The fee of £12 is payable to the trust.

Upon successfully completing the course, please download your certificate and email it to

Medical Certificate

If your Medical is required please contact below. You can be seen at following locations:

  • Visiting Us: AC Medical Services Ltd, The Corner House, Rectory Road, Colwick, NG4 2DU.
  • Booking Line: 07802 850084
  • Online Bookings:
  • General Enquiries: 0115 648 8985 or email

Please note that the fee is £75.00.


Click the following to download:

Driving Tests

Please note all new drivers are subject to a driving assessment which can be booked by

 (From 01 March 2024, the phone number will change to 07711 920210)

You must have your valid, signed driving licence and proof of insurance for the vehicle when you report for the test.

When carrying out the test a suitable four-door saloon, hatchback or estate car. Open top cars or commercial vehicles are not acceptable. The vehicle to be used must be legally taxed, insured and in roadworthy condition, though not a licensed vehicle.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, you must cancel the test by calling the number provided above at least 48 hours before the time scheduled for the test. You will not then be charged. Please be aware that if you are late for your test, the slot will be forfeited and a re-test will be required.

The driving test will be of 30 minutes duration and you must demonstrate to the examiner your ability to handle the vehicle safely and competently in a range of situations and traffic conditions. At the end of the driving test, you will be asked a series of questions from the current Highway Code. On successful completion of the test, you will be issued with a pass certificate which requires to be submitted to the Licensing Section.

Topography Test

Location of the Topography Test:

Central Police Station
Maid Marian Way
Byron House


Please be aware you will now be required to pass an electronic topography as part of your  application.

An officer from Nottingham City Council will spend time before the test to go through the instructions.    

Before you sit the Topography Test you must bring along with you your current Driving Licence or photographic identification. The Topography Test will take 45 minutes and will consists of five separate sections from the following categories:

  • Licence conditions
  • Premises and locations
  • Numeracy
  • Road Signs
  • Shortest route

Please read thoroughly the driver licence conditions for a Hackney Carriage and Private Hire.

Also additional “Did you know that” questions and answers sheet under which this examination will be conducted.  

Examination conditions

When sitting the exam you must follow and must adhere to the below:

  • Will remain silent throughout the test
  • Will switch off mobile phones or other electronic devices
  • Will not be able to use any additional written material during the examination
  • Will not leave the room during the test without the permission of the examiner (if you do leave then you not be able allowed to return to complete the test)

The examination may be terminated at any time by the examiner or yourself. If you request to terminate the examination your fee will be forfeited.

If you fail your Topography Test then a further fee of £50 is payable at the time of rebooking. Please contact to book a retest.

Issuing Initial Driving Licence

Prior to the issuing of the licence all relevant checks and tests would need to be carried out and passed, certification would need providing were applicable.

The Driver's badge is valid for the duration of 1 or 3 years. 

New National Standards issued by the government specify that a 6 monthly DBS check is now required. To comply with these requirements, the Licensing Section will perform a bi-annual DBS check and annual DVLA check.

It is important and essential for taxi drivers to sign up to the online DBS service and continue with the subscription to allow DBS checks to be carried out every 6 months.

If a 6 monthly DBS check and annual DVLA check cannot be complied with, the driving licence will be suspended.

Applying to Renew Driving Licence

A reminder letter will be sent to you by post 2 months prior to the expiry of your licence. It is your responsible as a Nottingham City Council Driver to renew your taxi driving licence within the timescales set below. 

The following documents are required at time of submission:

For electronically submitted applications you will be contacted by phone to make payment. If you are unable to submit your application electronically please post to the Licensing Section, Central Police Station, Byron House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 6HS accompanied with payment.

As part of the renewal process, you will be required to have a DVLA check and Disclosure Barring check carried out.

You must also check the rear of your badge to see whether you are required to have a medical as part of your renewal application.

An application to renew a licence will not be accepted if it is more than one month following the expiry date of the licence (without reasonable cause).  No shortened/temporary licence will be granted, and any application made after that time will be treated as a 'new' application and you will need to go through the same procedure as that specified for the grant of an initial licence.

When a renewal licence has been granted and processed, you will be contacted and required to return the expired/expiring drivers badge to the Licensing Office and in turn, be issued with their 'renewed' driver's badge. 

Failure to return drivers badge may lead to a delay in issuing the 'renewed' badge until the Licensing Office receive:

  • Letter of confirmation from the applicant as to the reason for not returning driver's badge
  • Police 'crime number' re lost or stolen driver's badge

New National Standards issued by the government specify that a 6 monthly DBS check is now required. To comply with these requirements, the Licensing Section will perform a bi-annual DBS check a DVLA check every 6 months.

It is important and essential for taxi drivers to sign up to the online DBS service and continue with the subscription to allow DBS checks to be carried out every 6 months.

If a 6 monthly DBS and DVLA check cannot be complied with, the driver’s licence will be suspended.

 For further information please contact the licensing office at

Renewal Application

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