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We intend, where possible, to deal with all complaints under our two stage complaint and review procedure.

However, there are a few exceptions for legal reasons such as a complaint that has already been heard by a court or tribunal, or a complaint where the citizen or the Council has commenced legal proceedings or has taken court action.

Also, the following exceptions have specific procedures governing complaints and appeals. We will let you know what the correct process is if your complaint falls into one of the categories listed below.

Who to contact

Disputes on civil claims

A complaint that disputes a legal decision made on a civil claim against the council. Please contact Insurance and Risk:
Telephone: 0115 876 4160

Independent Rent Officer

The Rent Officer is independent of the Council and is part of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), please see the VOA website or call 0845 026 4696 for more information

Refused Planning Permission

Appeals against refusal of planning permission or against conditions placed on a grant of planning permission are dealt with by The Planning Inspectorate
Website:  For more information visit Planning Applications 
Telephone: 0117 372 6372
Room 3/05 Kite Wing
Temple Quay House 2
The Square
Temple Quay

Planning Portal

Social Care Services (Children and Adults)

Website: Social Care Complaints
Telephone: 0115 876 5974

School Admission or Exclusion Appeal

Please contact the Children's Services Admissions and Exclusion Team
Website: Education and Schools 
Telephone: 0115 915 0763

School Complaints

The Local Authority is not responsible for the day to day running of schools, therefore please contact the school's Head Teacher or Chair of Governors
Website: Visit Complaints about schools for details of the school complaints procedure

Penalty Charge Notice Appeals

Please contact Parking Appeals Services
Website: How to Challenge Your Parking Penalty
Address: Processing and Enforcement Services, PO Box 10169, Nottingham, NG1 9HS

Fixed Penalty Disputes - Environmental Crimes (including dog-fouling)

Please contact Processing and Enforcement Services 
Website: Processing and Enforcement Services

Penalty Charge Notice - Bus Lane Contravention

Dispute a penalty charge notice for bus lane contravention
Please contact: Processing and Enforcement Services 
Website: CCTV bus lane and camera enforcement

Police Complaint

Any appeal against the exercise of police power: 
Website: Nottinghamshire Police complaints

Refusal of Disabled Parking Badges

A complaint about the refusal of disabled badges for parking exemption, please contact Blue Badge Enforcement 
Website: Disabled Blue Badges
Telephone: 0115 876 1966

Anti-Social Behaviour Complaint

Telephone: 0115 915 2000

Report anti-social behaviour

Nottingham City Homes Complaint

Please contact the Nottingham City Homes Customer Relations Team
Website: Nottingham City Homes customer care
Telephone: 0115 915 7333

Resident Permits/Dispensation Access Permits

Appeals regarding Resident Permits/Dispensation Access Permits please contact: Processing and Enforcement Services
Website: Parking Permits
Telephone: 0115 876 1966
Residents Parking
Processing and Enforcement Services
PO Box 10169

Residential Property Tribunals

Appeals to enforcement decisions by the Council under the Housing Act 2004 are dealt with by the Residential Property Tribunal

Taxi Complaint

Please contact the Community Protection Service Centre
Website: Taxi Licensing Complaints Form
Phone: 0115 915 6571