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Find out more about the rubbish and recycling collections we offer and how to organise your rubbish.

Council Tax payments covers the cost of regular household waste collections from day-to-day waste accumulated from households, which is the waste from your green and brown (grey lid) wheelie bins. There are exceptions where local authorities can charge for certain collections, including:

  • For waste that weighs more than 25 kg or that cannot fit into the bin provided
  • For asbestos
  • For garden waste
  • For waste that is generated from certain non-domestic properties, such as from a residential home, premises forming part of a university, premises forming part of a hospital or nursing home, school or education establishment and prisons

Alternate Weekly Collection (AWC) - The council works on an Alternate Weekly Collection (AWC) schedule. This means residual waste wheelie bins will be collected one week and recycling and garden waste* wheelie bins the next week.

Garden Waste

Garden Waste collections are now on a subscription service - you can read further information and sign-up to the service here.

Green Bin

Most properties have a 240L green bin for their household rubbish, and Household waste bin the council refers to this as 'residual waste'. Household waste that cannot be collected as part of your recycling or garden waste*
 collections can go in here, with the exception of bricks, rubble, soil or large items.

Items such as small electrical items or Foil lined food cartons such as milk cartons or Pringles tubs should be put into your green bin or taken to a local recycling point.

Recycling Binrecycling bin

Most properties have a 240L grey lidded brown bin for their recycling and these bins are collected on a different week to their green bins (but on the same day). You can find out what goes into your recycling bin by using our Recyclopedia tool here

Recycling in Nottingham - Nottingham City Council.

Remember to:

  • Only put your bin out after 7pm the night before your collection and take them back in before 7pm on the day of collection - failure to do so may result in you receiving a fine. Wheelie bins can be used as a tool for burglary or fire and so bringing in your bin promptly will help to prevent this.
  • Place your wheelie bin by the kerbside of your property (or at the agreed collection point if you've received a letter from us). Ensure your bin has been presented safely and does not cause an obstruction to other pavement users.
  • Ensure your bin lid is closed, and no side waste has been presented, or you may receive a fine.
  • Report a missed bin online within 48 hours from the scheduled collection day if we've missed this. Please note that if your neighbours / street have also had their bins missed for a collection, we'll know and we'll come back for them, so you do not need to report a missed collection. You can ring our Customer Hub on 0115 915 2000 to see if there have been any disruptions in your area.


If you are a landlord of a licensed rented property and your tenant fails to follow this guidance or the property is unoccupied, then the landlord, the licence holder must adhere to this guidance themselves
The licence holder or landlords of a rented property must ensure that trade rubbish and waste is not disposed of in the domestic household bins

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